Prepping for Release:

1.)  Payment Processing:  Confirm that all credit card processing and banking information is current and correct.  Have you changed banks since your last release?

2.)  Shipping Rates:  Do you need to update your shipping rates?
If you have not released in awhile, check with your shipper or fulfillment house to confirm that you have the most recent rates in VineSpring.

3.)  Tax rates:  

  • If you are hooked up with ShipCompliant, applicable taxes are pulled automatically from SC's tax tables in real-time. 

  • If you are not hooked up with SC, you must enter them manually under Settings > States.  Confirm with your compliance or tax person that they are the most recent rates.

4.)  Promotions:  Confirm that you have added any new promotions or discounts being applied for this release.

5.)  Allocations:  Need help setting up your Allocation?  Click here for the Allocation Guidebook.

6.)  Inventory:  Be sure that you've set up Inventory Pools so that you can track inventory. 

7.)  Groups:  If you would like any NEW signups (those who sign up AFTER you send out your release letter) to be auto-assigned to a Group and/or Allocation Level, be sure to check the 'Auto-assigned to New Users' box at the Customer Group screen.

8.)  MailChimp:  

  • Authorization Tokens:  Click here to learn about generating and testing authorization tokens.

  • Synching VineSpring with MailChimp:  Be sure that you sync your list prior to launching your campaign.  Click here to learn about synching your list.

  • MailChimp Guidebook:  New to the sync and MailChimp? Click here to see the full Guide.

9.)  Auto-Generated Emails:  Check your templates.  Confirm that the correct verbiage is being communicated.  Did you add special shipping dates to your confirmation emails last release that no longer apply?

Items to test:

  • Be sure to place a live order with a real credit card to confirm that everything works as expected.  Also refund it to confirm that the refunding function works as well.

  • Placing a live order also ensures that you see all of the messaging throughout the purchase process, as well as auto-generated confirmation emails.

  • Test your shipping rates by entering different zipcodes in the ship-to address area.  Enter different quantities of product and formats (if applicable) as well.  

  • Test your promotions and discounts (if applicable) by entering whatever the trigger is (Quantity?  Coupon code?  Customers in a certain group?)

  •  If you've set up Allocations, log in as one random person in each Allocation Level to confirm that they are seeing what you've set up for them. 

  • If your Allocation is supposed to begin on a specific date and time, be sure to confirm that it's correct.

  • Test your MailChimp campaign by sending it to yourself.  Check for spelling errors, etc.  Vital: Test the auto-login link to confirm that it works.  Not sure how?  Click here to learn.

!!IMPORTANT:  Test, test, test.  Whether you release once a year or several times a year, always take the time to go through the process of testing.  A few minutes of thoughtful testing can mean the difference between a smooth, trouble-free release or a stressful, customer-service headache.  

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