We're continually improving the sync between Square POS and VineSpring. Here are some frequently asked questions about the sync.

If I need to edit or add a SKU, what is the best way to do that? 

Any edits or additions of SKU's (Products/Items), must be made in BOTH VineSpring and Square - this does not sync automatically.  Note that the SKU is how the systems talk to each other, so the SKU must match exactly.

Discounts applied to an order in Square appear in VineSpring, but the name of the promotion does not appear.

We're aware of this issue and working to bring the promotion name to VineSpring. This will allow you to run the Sales by SKU (By Promotion) report in VineSpring.

I've setup employees in Square and applied their name to orders, but the Sales Rep is not appearing in VineSpring.

A VineSpring Sales Rep Name must match the Square Employee ID field for orders to be stamped correctly in VineSpring with your Sales Rep.

  • In VineSpring, navigate to Site - Sales Reps.
  • Click on a Sales Rep and copy the Name field.
  • In the Square admin, navigate to Employees
  • Click on an Employee name and enter the Sales Rep Name into the Employee ID (Optional) field.

At the end of the order, my customer entered their email address to send themselves a receipt, but their email does not appear on the order in VineSpring. Instead, the VineSpring orders shows "anonymous".

This is by design. You must obtain permission from the customer to collect and store their email address. Here are a few options:

  • On the Square app, navigate to Settings - Customer Management. Make sure the following fields are enabled:
    - Collect Information Before Checkout
    - Collect Information After Checkout
  • Navigate to Settings - Email Collection.  Make sure Show Email Collection Screen is enabled.
    More information: Collect Emails With The Point Of Sale App

With the Customer Management and Email Collection features enabled, you can now collect email address during or after the order is placed.
More information: Manage Your Customer Directory From The Square App

I added an email to an order correctly, but it is still appearing as anonymous in VineSpring.

We've identified 2 possible issues that we are working to resolve.

  • Square has reported a bug in their API whereby an order paid with a credit card does not properly transfer the customer information to VineSpring. These orders will be re-pulled by VineSpring on a nightly basis so you should see the customer information on the order the next day.
  • In some circumstances, a duplicate customer record is created in Square and although this customer record appears to be associated with the transaction in Square, no customer ID is passed to VineSpring. We are troubleshooting this with Square.

Can I edit an order in VineSpring after it's been brought over from Square?

This is not advised. Orders synced to VineSpring from Square consider Square to be the master record and any changes you make to that order in VineSpring may be overwritten or lost. There are circumstances where VineSpring must re-pull orders from Square and when this happens the order is overwritten in VineSpring.

I need to make an edit to our Location in Square. 

 Make the edit in Square and then contact VineSpring Support to let them know.  We will then initiate a manual sync to bring over that new information.

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