Getting set up to sell your products through VineSpring is a straightforward process.  There are a few things that you will need to setup yourself and there are other steps the VineSpring team will help you with.

Initial Account Setup

Along with getting your new VineSpring account there are a few other accounts that need to be setup.  You will need a VineSpring Payments account to accept credit card payments.  A MailChimp account is needed if you want to send out email campaigns or to communicate via email to club members or customers who will receive allocations.

Within VineSpring there are a few general settings you will also want to take a look at.  You can have the system send you email notifications when certain things occur within the system.  This is also a good time to set up any additional users you may need.

Shipping and Tax Rates

There are a couple of different ways you tell VineSpring to charge tax on your orders.  Set up a ShipCompliant account, or you can enter tax rates into VineSpring on a per state or even per zip code basis.

Setting up shipping rates will also include setting up your shipping methods and shipping zones.  Often you can get a file from your fulfillment house that we can help you to import into VineSpring.

Data Migration

You may have data in an existing vendor that you would like to retain and use within VineSpring.  This is a service that one of our data specialists can help you with.  We can move your customer information and even order history into VineSpring.  We can also move some product information from an existing system.


While your data migration may have initially setup your products there are a few steps you will also need to complete.  For each product you will be selling through the admin portal and online you need to mark those as available and link them to a shipping plan.  You may also want to add detailed descriptions and upload images that will be displayed online.

If you want to track inventory numbers through VineSpring you can set those initial values once your products are fully setup.

Order Settings

There are some order settings you will want to take a look at before starting to take sales.  Do you have sales representatives you want to select when placing a new order?  Do you need to customize your order number format?  These are all things you can customize within the VineSpring admin portal.

Customer Groups, Allocations and Clubs

Customer groups can be used within VineSpring to apply promotions to a subset of customers, set customers within allocation level, and to allow you to target a group of customers within MailChimp.

If you have allocated products our customer support team will spend time talking with you about your specific needs and helping to get your allocations and levels setup prior to your release.

For club memberships our customer support team will help you to decide the best way to organize your clubs within VineSpring and show you how to quickly get your customers imported into your clubs.

Final Customizations

There are a few additional items that may pertain to the way you do business.  Emails are sent from the system in certain circumstances (when an order is placed, or a customer signs up for a club or forgets their password).  All the email templates have standard wording and do not need to be customized but you can choose to modify the templates.

Your fulfillment house may have a specific format that they request.  Several of the exports can be customized to meet your company's specific needs.

Hosted Storefront

VineSpring provides an out-of-the-box secure storefront that can be used as is or customized.  Simple customizations can be completed easily through  storefront management although you can also choose to hire a web designer to further add customization.

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