Highlights in Commerce7:

  • Customer-centric, personal front-end experience. (personalization, carrot engine/upsells)

  • Subscription Clubs

  • Robust, built-in POS

  • Gift Card functionality

  • Ability to send email campaigns from your Admin portal (no more MailChimp)

  • Built-in reservation system / or integration with Tock if-preferred

  • Expansive 3rd party connectivity / integration options (including several fulfillment options)

Migration Questions:

  • How soon will I be asked to migrate?

Our goal is to have all clients moved to C7 by September 2022.

  • How will my data be transferred?

Data will be transferred via API from VS to C7. This process will happen after you have had time to connect with a C7 Onboarding Specialist to plan for a successful migration.

We will begin migrating V3 clients first - and then V2 clients.

You will be notified by a C7 Onboarding Specialist 10 days prior to the time of proposed migration. At that time, timing and planning will be defined for your specific migration scenario.

  • How will the front-end website be hooked up?

C7 offers two options for a front-end website. The first option is similar to the VineSpring Hosted Storefront (HSF), the second is a developer-created custom site using the C7 SDK which functions similar to the VineSpring SDK.

If you are using the VineSpring Hosted Storefront (HSF), you will be migrated over to the C7 Storefront. Here is additional information about the C7 Storefront: https://documentation.commerce7.com/getting-setup-with-commerce7-storefront#Webstore

For more information on using the Commerce7 SDK please see the development documents: https://design-docs.C7.com/docs/getting-started

  • How much will migrating to C7 cost me?

Data Migration:

There is no cost to migrate data from VS to C7.

Front-end Site Design/Development:

HSF: No cost

SDK: C7 will be absorbing the cost for a custom site for anyone who is currently using the VineSpring SDK. A designer will be assigned to you at the time that your website migration is started. If you want to use your own designer, or you wish to make significant changes to your integration, then you will be responsible for that additional development cost.

  • What is the learning curve between the systems?

VS and C7 were built independently of one another, and although there are many similarities, you’ll need to learn the C7 system. There are many capabilities that C7 has to offer! Examples: subscription clubs, carrot engine in the shopping cart (upsells), reservations, an outstanding POS system, etc. There will be many opportunities to attend webinars / training sessions to get up to speed.

  • How will I know when it’s my time to migrate to Commerce7?

The C7 Onboarding team will send you an email 2 weeks prior to your onboarding start date. This will also include your website designer assignment(if you used SDK in VineSpring).

  • What if I am in the middle of my Allocation or Club Release in VS, how will the migration work?

We will not migrate anyone who is working on an open allocation or club release.

  • Will VS Support staff be coming to C7?

Yes - the VS support team is moving to C7.

  • Who can I talk to if I have questions?

Until you begin your migration, you will still be using VineSpring. Continue to contact VS Support the way you always have (chat, email, phone).

If you have questions about the VS > C7 migration, please contact support@commerce7.com. You will be assigned to a Commerce7 Onboarding Specialist who will work with you directly on your specific migration.

Payments & Processing:

  • How does payment processing work?

Commerce7 Payments works very much like VineSpring Payments.

Here is a list of Commerce7 Payments features: https://commerce7.com/pricing/payments/

Note: If you want to offer ApplePay or GooglePay on your front-end site, this piece is offered via Stripe and you will need your own Stripe account to do so. Your V7 Onboarding Specialist will answer any questions you may have about this.

  • Is there a credit card auto-updater feature? Yes.

  • VineSpring Payments (Stripe) is my current processor. What does the card migration look like?

Your onboarding specialist will transfer cards from VS to C7 for you. This will be a seamless move between the two platforms and will not require time or effort on your part.

  • Square Payments is my current processor. What does the card migration look like?

Your Onboarding Specialist will work with you and a Square representative to initiate the transfer cards from Square to C7.

  • Can I keep my same Stripe account when moving over?

All clients will be migrated to Commerce7 Payments. You will have the option to create a new Stripe account if you want to offer mobile wallet payment(GooglePay, ApplePay, etc) on your website.

Products & Inventory:

  • Are products structured the same way in C7 as they are in VS?

Yes, very similar. Additionally, Products on C7 store additional information that is not available in VS. Example: You are able to specify a ‘type’ for a product (“general merchandise” vs “wine”, etc). You also have the ability to create product templates that will make creation of new products much faster.

  • Can I have multiple inventory locations?

Yes. You can even deplete from multiple tasting room locations / pickup locations. Additionally, you can define a club-specific shipping inventory location, that is separate from all others. For more information on the C7 inventory locations: https://documentation.commerce7.com/setting-up-inventory-locations


  • What does C7’s POS offer that VS’s and/or Square integration does not?

The built-in POS solution in C7 is much more robust than either VS POS or Square POS. (ability to manage multiple checks, choice of carry-out or ship, split tenders, the ability to view customer purchase history and manage club memberships).

  • Is there special equipment I will need to purchase (swiper/terminal)? How much is it?

Commerce7 Payments offers a handful of options for card present transactions onsite. You can purchase the hardware outright or choose to use a monthly rental program. For more information please see the following: https://documentation.commerce7.com/what-pos-hardware-does-commerce7-connect-with


  • How is Order handling different in C7 from VS3?

Much like VS3, an order is not an ‘order’ until it’s fully paid. In VS there are ‘Drafts’ and in C7 they are ‘Carts’. The biggest difference between the two systems is that an order is fixed in C7. Meaning the contents of that order cannot be modified once it is placed. You can partially or fully refund an order, but that action will create a brand new order of the refund amount. This allows for more accurate and easier accounting.

  • What about Fulfillment?

C7 offers numerous fulfillment integrations depending on your specific needs. These include ShipCompliant and ShipStation which you may be using in VS. However they also have integrations for DTC Warehouse, Ship Manager (UPS, FedEx, GSO), Shippo, UPS, VINUM55 and WineCo.

  • Does C7 have a corporate gifting option for orders?

Yes, there is an integration that will assist you in creating multiple orders with one payment.

  • How will tax be charged on my orders?

C7 uses the ShipCompliant tax model to charge federal, state and regional specific tax rates and products and freight. This is included at no additional cost to you.


  • I use allocations exclusively. How does the Allocation functionality differ between VS and C7?

Allocations operate similarly in C7 and VS. One main difference is that in C7, allocated products and storefront products display on the same page (as opposed to the Storefront page being separate from the Allocations page). This allows for allocated products to have the full features of the cart and visual display of the storeont.

Another important note, C7 Allocation tools are consistent across all channels, except the Club channel. Channels are how orders are segmented in Commerce7, read more here https://documentation.commerce7.com/what-are-order-channels-and-can-i-add-additional-channels. Commerce7 has four specific order channels, Inbound, POS, Web, and Club and each order is assigned a channel depending on where it is placed. This means that allocations will be consistent on the POS for tasting room visitors, website for online orders, and orders generated through the admin panel, with the option to override the specified allocation as needed. For more information on the C7 allocation functionality: https://documentation.commerce7.com/allocations

  • Does C7 offer a wishlist feature?

Yes, although it works a little differently. The main difference is that a wish is not tied to an order that is placed. A customer can increase their wish amounts at any time while the allocation is open. Additionally there are two types of wishes,1.Request to purchase more, and 2.Commitment to purchase more. Depending on the wish type, customers will have the option to go purchase allocated products with an email notifying them their wish has been granted (If wish type is request to purchase more), or customers will commit to purchasing more when making their wishes( If wish type is commitment to purchase more), allowing you to process the order for the customer when granting this type of wish.

  • Am I able to grant wishes in bulk?

Yes. Learn about it here:



  • Does C7 have Custom Clubs?

Yes. In the C7 traditional club model, the ability to customize can be enabled/configured when you create the club package. Learn about it here: https://documentation.commerce7.com/creating-clubs-in-commerce7

  • Does C7 have Subscription Clubs?

Yes. Learn about it here: https://documentation.commerce7.com/how-do-i-create-a-subscription-club

  • Can Club members put their own memberships on hold? Cancel? Skip a shipment?


  • How does notification/member communication work in C7?

Members are notified about shipments twice prior to cards being charged. They will have the opportunity to customize their shipment, or make changes to shipping/credit card info.

Email Templates (internal transactional emails):

  • What will happen to my custom email templates I have created in VS?

They will need to be created from scratch. There is no way to migrate those over from VS. However, in C7, you have the ability to define a master template that will be applied to each of the transactional emails that are sent out. Therefore - you only need to set up the “look and feel” for your emails one time.

Webhooks and API:

  • I am currently using the webhooks in VineSpring, how will these work in Commerce7?

C7 offers an extensive list of objects and actions for configuring webhooks.The following objects contain webhooks that can be configured: Allocation, Cart Club, Club Membership, Club Package, Club Signup, Collection, Coupon, Customer, Customer Address, Customer Credit Card, Inventory Transaction, Note, Order, Product, Promotion, Reservation, Tag and Transaction Email.

  • What about an API, does Commerce7 offer that?

A full REST API is available that will allow you not only to pull your data but also make updates via API. Items like retrieving or creating a Customer or Address is very similar to what is offered in VS. You can also retrieve and update Products and Club Memberships. For more information, see the developer documentation here: https://api-docs.commerce7.com/docs/getting-started

  • I am using several of the custom fields in VineSpring for my website design, can I still do that in C7?

Yes. In fact, C7 offers what they call meta data on many of the objects within the system. So not only will you have the ability to add and retrieve custom data on Customers, Club Members and Products - but also an Allocation, Address, Order and Reservation.

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