When you are setting up a new site one of the first things you do is to enter your products. Once you are done doing that you may notice that they are not showing on the storefront. There are two areas that you will need to look at to make sure that they will be visible on the storefront.

Check the Product Visibility

  1. Navigate to Products and search for the product you want to show on the storefront.

  2. Click on that product name.

  3. In the upper right you will see a link for Edit.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to the Visibility section The Display Order will determine what order the products are listed on the storefront. The Can View section will allow all of the SKUs associated with this product to be displayed. Make sure it is checked.

Check the SKU Visibility

  1. Once you have set the product visibility click on each of the SKUs you have setup for that product.

  2. Scroll to the Visibility/Availability section of the SKU.

  3. The Display Order here will determine the order the SKUs will be displayed within the product, You then have 3 options:

    1. Allow admins to add this SKU to orders - checking this box will allow this SKU to be selected for an admin order. You can have a SKU that is available only for admins but not for purchase on your storefront.

    2. Display this item in your storefront - this section will determine if this one SKU is displayed on the storefront. You can have multiple SKUs within a product and it is possible that only some of those SKUs will be visible on the storefront. For example maybe you have a 750ml and a 1.5L SKU for your product. You only want the 750ml to be visible on the storefront and the 1.5L can only be added via an admin order. You will want to check this box only for the 750ml and leave it un-checked for the 1.5L.

    3. Allow customer to purchase this product - checking this box will allow customers to add this SKU to their cart. You can have a product visible on the storefront but not purchasable. Simply check the middle box but leave this box un-checked. If you want everyone to be able to purchase this product on the storefront then check this section.

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