1. Remove / delete the existing VineSpring POS app from your Apple iOS device. YOU MUST DELETE THE OLD APP SO THAT THE NEW APP WORKS PROPERLY. To do so, find the app on your device and press and hold the VineSpring POS icon for a few seconds. You'll see an "x" appear on the app and possibly an option to "Remove App". Touch "Remove App" and then touch "Delete App".

  2. Navigate to this link on your iOS (iPhone / iPad) to install VineSpring InPerson v2 in Testflight:

  3. You should see "VineSpring InPerson v2". Touch "Install".

  4. Once installed, you should see "Open". Touch "Open".

The VineSpring In-Person v2 app is now updated and launched / open, waiting for input from Safari. Next, you will need to connect to a reader and update the firmware on the reader.

  1. Open Safari on your iOS device (iPhone / iPad) and go to

  2. Start a VineSpring POS order draft.

  3. Add Product to the order (like you are going to charge the customer) and touch "Continue"

  4. Touch "Swipe/Insert Card"

  5. When prompted, "Open in VinespringPOS?", touch "Open"

The VineSpring In-Person v2 app will open and offer the choice to select the card reader. After selecting the reader, the app should start updating the reader (if it isn't already updated with the latest firmware).

Please repeat the process for all iOS devices and readers you have.

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