Connecting Tock and VineSpring will streamline customer management between the two platforms. Some key advantages:

  • All customers in VineSpring are synchronized with the Tock Directory

  • VineSpring customer groups and club groups are synchronized with Tock groups

  • New customers created in Tock (via a reservation) will create a new customer record in VineSpring

Connect Tock & VineSpring

Tock synchronizes data with VineSpring via API and Webhooks. You'll need to configure both to take advantage of all integration features.

Step 1: Generate a VineSpring API Key

  • In the VineSpring admin, navigate to Settings -> Connections -> API Keys. Quicklink:

  • Click "Create New" in the upper right corner

  • Enter a name for the API key. We recommend you enter "Tock".

  • Make sure the "Enabled" box is checked

  • Click the green checkmark in the upper right corner to save

Step 2: Copy the API Key

  • With the API Keys listing showing, click on the newly generated key (it might be named Tock)

  • Click the green button, "Copy API Key"

  • Click the "X" in the upper right corner to close this screen

Step 3: Paste the API Key in the Tock Dashboard

Tock and VineSpring are now connected. The API updates information on a 24 - 48 hour basis. To get realtime updates, you'll need to configure Webhooks. Continue to Step 4.

Step 4: Configure VineSpring Customer Webhooks for realtime sync

Step 5: Configure VineSpring Membership Webhooks for realtime sync

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