Have an individual or company that would like to send out multiple orders as gifts?


  • Create the Orders in a Batch

  • Charge all of the Orders with one click

  • Gifter is charged just once for all Orders combined

Get Started:

  1. Go to the Customer Record of the person or company giving the Gifts.

  2. In upper right, click Other Actions > Create Batch Orders.

3. Click the 'Download Template' link and fill it out. Note that there is sample data to indicate proper formatting. Be sure to delete the sample data prior to uploading the tempate.


  • Do not edit the Template headers in any way. If you do, the upload will fail.

  • Recipient State must be in the 2-digit State Code format ('FL', not 'Florida').

  • Ship Method names must match exactly what is in VS. (example: If the Method is entered as 'Fedex2Day' in VS, then be sure you enter 'Fedex2Day' in the template.

  • The Product headers are built out to accommodate a max of 9 SKUs. If you need more than 9 SKUs, feel free to add them. Just be sure to continue the same format. For instance, if you need to add a 10th, you'd enter the following headers:

4. Once your Template is filled out, go back to the Gifter's Profile and click Other Actions > Create Batch Orders. Follow the prompts to upload.

5. You will receive an Upload Summary. If you see red errors, correct them and then re-upload. Example of error:

6. When the Orders are successfully uploaded, you will receive a Summary:

Note that any Discounts that the Gifter is entitled to will apply.

7. Charge the card on file.

!!IMPORTANT!!: SAVE/ PRINT THIS SCREEN. This Summary does not currently display anywhere else.

8. All done! Now go back to the Gifter's profile and you'll see the individual orders listed there. Fulfill as usual.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will Customer Profiles be created for each of the Giftees?

    No. These Batch Orders will live in the Gifter's Profile.

  2. Will the Giftees receive any sort of automatic email confirmation?


  3. Will the Gifter receive any sort of automatic email confirmation?


  4. Are these Orders any different than regularly created Orders?

    No. They can be edited and fulfilled as usual. There is nothing different about them.

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