How to reconnect MailChimp in Vinespring

Step1. Disconnect integration from MailChimp as below.

Scroll down and click 'Disconnect' Button. Follow prompts to disconnect.

Step2: Clear the API setup information in VineSpring.

In VS, go to Settings > Connections > 3rd Party Integrations > MailChimp.

Copy/Paste the existing API Key to a notepad - you will need this in the next step.

Now Clear the API Key in VineSpring so that it's blank, and then Save it.

Step3: Connect VineSpring with MailChimp Again

Open the screen back up and paste in the API Key that you copied above.

Choose the VineSpring synced Mailing List from the Dropdown and Save.

Step4: Check the connection with MailChimp

Head back into MC and navigate to the Integrations page.

Click the Manage Your Sites Button.

If you see VineSpring at the top, you're all set!

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