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Questions to ask yourself:

  • What Product(s) will you be offering? Click here to learn more about adding a new product.

  • What are the minimums and maximums on the SKUs you'll be offering?

  • Are you offering a single bottle or a bundle? (3-pack, vertical, etc). Click here to learn more about setting up bundles.

  • What are your Inventory numbers? Click here to learn more about creating and managing Inventory.

  • ShipCompliant Users: Don't forget to set up your SKU in ShipCompliant too! Click here to learn more about how the ShipCompliant integration works.


Question to ask yourself:

  • Are your shipping rates current? (Check with your fulfillment house or shipping partner). Learn more about updating Shipping Rates here.

  • Do you need to create a new Club Shipping Configuration?

    (If so, Go to the Settings tab and click on Shipping > Club Shipping. Confirm that you have a Configuration created for this particular shipment. For instance, if it's summer, you may want to create a 'Warm Shipping Profile').


Questions to ask yourself:

  • Does every membership have a Shipping Address?

  • Does every membership have a payment method?

a. Go to the Clubs tab and click on the Club Name that you are working with.

b. Choose the Export Members link in the upper right and download.

c. Scroll to the columns that denote Credit Card and Shipping Address on file. If you see an "N" (No), then you'll want to add those to the club profile(s) prior to creating the order(s).

Okay, your Products are in and your Shipping is updated. Time to create the Club Release. Click here for the step-by-step guide.

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