Have a bunch of orders that need updating?

It's easy using the Batch Update screen.

  1. Go to Orders > Filter

  2. Filter for the Orders that you'd like to batch update. (For instance, if you need to change the Ship Date for Texas orders, Filter for Orders shipping to Texas).

  3. Once the Orders are filtered with desired results, click on Filter Actions > Batch Update in upper right.

    !! Pro Tip !!

    Be sure to double-check that the number of Orders listed (in red, see below) matches what you intend to Batch Update. If they don't match, then go back a screen and confirm that you've filtered correctly.

  4. Edit/Choose the Batch action to whatever you'd like it to be for the filtered Orders. For our example, we'd like to change the TX Ship Date to Oct 18.

  5. Save the change and your Orders will reflect what you've input. If you are batch updating a lot of Orders, then this can take up to a minute or so. You can monitor the progress in the View Batch Jobs screen.

    (Note: You can always find the Batch Jobs screen by clicking on your Account icon in upper right of any VineSpring screen).

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