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VS is the master record for Clubs. If you need to make changes to a Club Membership (ie, adding a Customer to a Club or canceling a membership) this must be done in VineSpring, not in Square. Any memberships added/canceled in VS will be reflected in Square in real-time.

Assign a Discount in Square for Clubmembers

Open up the Square App and click on Customers in the menu.

Next, click on View Groups.

You will see your Clubs listed in the Groups.

The synced Clubs will always be appended with a 'VS': (Example: 'VS: 3 Bottle Club').

Click on a Group name to open up the Discount area.

Click Manage Group Discounts.

Choose the applicable Discount and apply it to the Group.

Now you're ready to go! Everyone who belongs to that Club will now automatically receive the Club Discount when orders via Square.

New to the VineSpring/Square integration?

Be sure to take a look at the following to ensure a smooth sync and that discounts apply properly:

Viewing Club Affiliation, Lifetime Value and Customer Since Date within Square

Open up Square and click on Customers.

Search for a Customer Name and open up the Record.

You'll see the following:

Groups: This will show you which Club(s) they belong to, if any.

Other (at bottom of record): This will show you Lifetime Value + Customer Since Date.


  • Groups (club affiliations) update in real-time,

  • LTV updates in real-time if order is generated in VS - and it updates in nightly sync if generated in Square.

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