How do I report a bug?

There are two ways to report a bug or request a product improvement to us. You can use the ZenDesk form to report an issue or you can report the issue to support. To contact support you can use the chat icon in the lower right hand corner when you are logged into VineSpring, or you can call or email us: 707-939-5595 /

The second way to report is using the ZenDesk Dashboard itself to submit a new request. Please see the following article on using the dashboard: Using the ZenDesk Ticketing Dashboard

How long will it take before the bug I reported is fixed?

VineSpring uses an industry standard process for dealing with development fixes that need to go into place. Once a bug is reported we have our technical support team make sure it is truly a bug and then a new development ticket is created. How quickly it gets worked is determined by a few different factors. First and foremost we determine if this is impacting all or many of our clients and those tickets get higher development priority. We also take our current workload and the priority of that work into consideration. You will be notified when there are any updates or the issue has been resolved.

What is the priority on a ticket and how do those get set?

Priority is set by our support staff. There are four priority levels:

Low - This is a small request that is not impacting greatly impacting the efficiency of a client within VineSpring.

Normal - Most of our tickets get this priority. It means there is a bug or product feature request that does need to be addressed but there is a work around or is not impacting the ability of the client to do day to day work. We try to get normal priority tickets reviewed and placed into the development process within 7 days. Once in the development process the time it takes to review the requirements, complete the development work, test the changes and then deploy to production vary.

High - This ticket indicates that there is a bug that is impacting many or all of our clients and there is no work around, or the work around is exceptionally cumbersome. We try to get these tickets into the development process within 3 days. Once in the development process a determination will be made by the product and development team if a hotfix needs to be released.

Urgent - This is generally an "all hands on deck" event for us. This ticket priority indicates that many or all clients are impacted and that some or all areas of the system are completely down. We address these tickets immediately when they are submitted and will release a hotfix as quickly as we can.

How can I see what tickets I have submitted?

See the following on how to use the ZenDesk Dashboard: Using the ZenDesk Ticketing Dashboard

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