You have made all the customizations to the fully functional Hosted Store Front (HSF) that comes with your VineSpring 3 account. But how do you allow your customers to click a link on your website and get to the HSF?

It is pretty simple to do! If you are selling direct to consumer you will absolutely want a link to your product/shop page. Go to any of your customers within the VineSpring admin portal and click the "Login As" link. This will take you to the HSF landing page for that customer.

In the upper left hand side you should see a link to your purchase page. Please note your HSF will look different than the image below based upon the customizations you have put into place.

Once you click on the "Shop" page you will see the URL that you can use behind a link or a button on your main website.

Because each website is constructed differently we are not able to provide step-by-step instructions on how to create a link on your main site. We can recommend a number of web designers that are very familiar with VineSpring and can help to create this link and any others you may want.

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