We want you to get comfortable with how VineSpring works.

During the onboarding process, we entered placeholder information in VS and on the Storefront. Why? We want you to get a visual of how things work.

So you'll notice we have entered a few things to help you understand how different parts of the system relate to others:

1) Placeholder Customer

2) Placeholder Product

3) Placeholder Shipping and Tax Rates

Specific to the Storefront (HSF), we've entered the following:

1) Logo and Header color

2) Background and link colors

3) Product Layout

Note to our SDK clients: You may have a developer using the SDK to fully integrate VS to your site. Will these steps still apply to you? YES! Although you may not be using the Hosted Storefront, most of the items will still be important for you to understand. Note that even when using the SDK, Products, Teasers, Descriptions, etc will still be defined within VS.

Next up! Now it's time to enter Settings and Data.

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