Discounts are easy to set up in VineSpring. Go to Settings -> Discounts to get started.

Important Terminology

Admin Only: If checked, the discount can only be applied by users in the VineSpring admin panel ( The discount will never apply automatically on the frontend website.

Stackable: A "stackable" discount means other discounts of the same type (product on product discount or shipping on shipping discount) will each apply when eligibility is met. Example - 10% off the first 12 bottle case and an additional 5% off anything over 12 bottles. The 10% discount must be checked "Stackable" so the 5% discount can stack on top of it.

Code: During checkout on the frontend website, a customer must enter the code to receive the discount. Recommendation: keep the codes short and without spaces so it is easy for the customer to enter.


20% Friends and Family Discount

To ensure only designated people receive the Friends & Family discount, create a customer group named "Friends & Family" (or similar) and then create a discount that applies only to that group.

10% off Specific Products and 15% off Ground Shipping

Product discounts and shipping discounts do not need to be stackable because VineSpring will always apply at least one product discount and at least one shipping discount if the customer qualifies.

10% Product Discount on 3+ Bottles Purchase, 15% Product Discount on 12+ Bottle Purchases, applies only to club members

If a customer qualifies for more than one Product discount, the best discount will apply automatically. Create two different discounts and set the minimum purchase on the 10% discount to 3 bottles and set the minimum purchase on the 15% discount to 12 bottles.

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