Customers groups represent segments of customers in your VineSpring database. Some examples might be people who work in the industry, your friends & family, or your best customers. Whatever segment you choose to create, a Customer Group is how you can identify the customers in that segment.

Once created, a customer group can be used to:

  • Assign to an allocation level

  • Apply a discount (everyone in this group received this discount)

  • Make exempt from paying tax on orders

  • Send to MailChimp (customers are tagged in MailChimp with a tag name)

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Create a Customer Group

Add / Remove Customers from Groups

Create a Customer Group

In the VineSpring admin, navigate to Customers and click Groups. Click "Create New". You will be presented with the following fields to fill in. When complete, click the green checkmark in the upper right corner:

Add / Remove Customers from Groups

Customers can be added / removed from groups one at a time or in bulk. To add a customer to a group, navigate to their customer profile and click "Groups", then click "Add to group":

You can select a previously created Customer Group from the dropdown.

To remove someone from a group, simply click the X located on the right side of the group name:

Add customers in bulk to a group

You can add many customers to a group at the same time. Navigate to Customers -> Groups, click on a group (or create one), and click "Add/Remove Customers". Two options appear - "By Customer ID" or "By Purchase History".

Customer ID is the unique key VineSpring stores for every customer in the database. You may find the Customer ID in various exports & downloads throughout VineSpring. For example, if you would like to create a customer group containing all your club members, you should download your club members to a CSV file (click Clubs -> Export Members), open that file, and copy the Customer IDs from the sheet. A Customer ID starts with "cust_" and is followed by a unique alpha-numeric string. Here's an example:  cust_5f0f9167c06d2d0007ce5332

With the range of Customer IDs copied, you can now paste those values in the "By Customer ID" area (mentioned above). Make sure "Add" is selected next to "Type" and click the green checkmark to complete the import.

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