VineSpring 3 is integrated with FORT Software so that orders placed in VineSpring will automatically transfer to the FORT connected fulfillment house (see a complete list at the bottom of this article).

Connect FORT to VineSpring

First, generate an API key from the VineSpring admin

  • Navigate to Settings

  • Click on Connections

  • Click on API Keys

  • Click "Create New" in the upper right corner

  • Enter a Name for the key (your fulfillment house name is a good entry here)

  • Click the green checkmark to save this information

Your API key is now generated. Click on the newly generated API Key to view it, and then click "Copy API Key". Paste this API key in an email or other communication to your fulfillment house so they can add it to your FORT Systems admin panel.

Sending Orders to your FORT connected fulfillment house

  1. Change the Order Status of any VineSpring Order to "Awaiting Shipment". (You can do this individually or in a batch from the Orders > Filter screen).

  2. This action will automatically send the order(s) to FORT.

  3. Once transferred, the VineSpring Order Status will automatically advance to "Sent to Fulfillment".

  4. When a tracking number is generated, FORT will pass back the tracking number information to the VineSpring order and automatically change the order status to "Shipped" and then "Delivered".

Fulfillment Houses using FORT

  • Bodega Shipping

  • Eagle Rock

  • Elite Wine Shipping

  • M7 Wine

  • Out of the Box

  • Pack N Ship Direct

  • PSD napa

  • Vin-Go

  • Vine Vault

  • Wine2UShipping

  • Wine Care Logistics

  • Wine Co LLC (OR)

  • Wine Country Pack and Ship

  • Wine Cub (

  • Winery Fulfillment Services (WA)

  • Wine Service Coop

  • World Ship Net (3tier)

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