VineSpring provides a connection to ShipStation for easier in-house fulfillment and management of orders with common carriers such as FedEx and UPS. Read more about ShipStation here: You must have a ShipStation account configured before proceeding. Integration not available on "Starter" plan.

Connecting VineSpring to ShipStation

In the VineSpring admin, navigate to the ShipStation connection page which contains all of the necessary ShipStation configuration information:

  • Settings -> Connections -> 3rd Party Integrations -> ShipStation

Leave this page open so you can reference it again, and in another browser tab or window, login to ShipStation.

In ShipStation, follow these steps:

  1. Click the gear icon located in the upper right nav men

  2. Under "Import Orders", click "Selling Channels", then "Connect a Store or Marketplace"

  3. Search for "Custom Store" and click the Custom Store option that appears

  4. Enter the information located in the VineSpring admin panel tab to complete the form in ShipStation. It is ok to replace any information already filled with the exact information found in VineSpring.

  5. Click "Connect" to complete the necessary steps in ShipStation.

  6. Return to the VineSpring admin panel and check the box to "Enable ShipStation Integration" (located at the bottom of the page).

Your VineSpring account is now connected to ShipStation. From a VineSpring order, you will notice "Ready for ShipStation" as a new option toward the top of the order. Clicking this will make the order available for ShipStation to pull.

How often does ShipStation pull orders from VineSpring?

ShipStation pulls orders from VineSpring on a periodic basis. If you don't see your orders in ShipStation right away, you can force a refresh by clicking the update icon located in the top bar, just to the left of the gear icon, and click "Update all Stores".

Does tracking information flow back to VineSpring?

Yes, when a tracking number is generated in ShipStation, it will automatically transfer back to the order in VineSpring and the order status will be updated to "Shipped".

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