OPTION 1: VineSpring Hosted Storefront (HSF)

A fully functional VineSpring Hosted Storefront (HSF) comes with every VineSpring 3 account. Our HSF is something you can use to get up and running with a storefront connected to your website very quickly. There are limited customization options (ie: fonts, colors, logo) that can be easily changed via the VineSpring admin panel.

Examples (click the link below and navigate to their "store" - you'll notice the domain changes to a VineSpring hosted domain once on their HSF):



To view your HSF, navigate to the VineSpring admin (https://app.vinespring.com);

  • Click Settings

  • Click Business

  • Click Account Plan

  • Click the web address to the right of "Storefront"

All options to customize / style the HSF are located under:

Here you will see the various places to make customizations and edits to things like logo, colors, fonts and verbiage.

Click here for a full video about how to configure the HSF.

OPTION 2: A Hybrid Approach

The hybrid approach is a good choice if you want complete control over the look and feel of your store pages, but don't want to re-build all of the other VineSpring related functionality (cart, checkout, and account pages).

The examples below have built their store pages directly on their website using the web editing tools of that platform (WordPress, Squarespace, etc) and linked each page to the corresponding VineSpring HSF or cart.





Click here for a full video about how to configure the HSF.

OPTION 3: Full customization using the SDK (Software Developer Kit)

With the SDK, a web developer can seamlessly embed VineSpring functionality into any website (host the website anywhere you'd like!). Most functionality is fully customizable, such as the Product List, Product Detail, and Allocation pages, while other pages are minimally customizable (ie: the checkout page).

You'll need a developer to help implement and customize the VineSpring functionality. Review the SDK capabilities and sample code here: https://vinespring.github.io/js-sdk





WordPress Plugin by Vin

Our web development partner, Vin, has created a WordPress Plugin you can read more about here: https://vinagency.com/labs/vinespring-for-wordpress/

The plugin makes it easy to directly integrate VineSpring with your WordPress website. Please contact Vin for more information.

If you have any questions about integrations options for your brand, don't hesitate to contact us! support@vinespring.com

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