The "key" icon, located in the upper right of a customer record on the VineSpring admin, provides a convenient way to login as that customer to the front end of your website. If your website is built on Squarespace and directly integrated with VineSpring, this link returns:

{"message":"User must be logged in to access this resource."}

This message appears because Squarespace has reserved the /account page which happens to be the same page VineSpring uses. The key icon will always redirect to /account.

How do I get the /account page to load correctly?

You must rename /account to /my-account. Please see our article Squarespace and the /account page for more information on modifying your website to work with /my-account.

After clicking on the link and receiving the message, change /account in the web address to /my-account. This will load the correct page, logged in as the customer.

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