Squarespace has reserved the page slug /account and /cart causing VineSpring clients who are directly integrated to see the following error message when their customer attempts to login to their website:

{"message":"User must be logged in to access this resource."}

To preserve all VineSpring functionality, we recommend you use the VineSpring Hosted Storefront.

What is the VineSpring Hosted Storefront?

The VineSpring Hosted Storefront is an out of the box, VineSpring hosted domain that can be minimally customized (colors and fonts) to match your front end website. Examples:


With the VineSpring Hosted Storefront, the eCommerce pages are hosted with VineSpring and your front end marketing pages are hosted with Squarespace (or another web host). You are responsible for styling the storefront and linking it to your website. Please contact us for more information.

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