​Release: March 8, 2022

  • Fixed issue with batch updating Ship Dates displaying incorrect date in ShipCompliant

  • Fixed issue where two Receipt emails are sent upon adding additional bottles for Allocation wishes

  • Added “alt email” to the Clubmember export

  • Updated Allocation admin screen so that clicking “Customize Allocation” always displays the custom Allocation dialog box

  • Fixed issue when purchasing an Allocation with wishes sometimes not including wish details in the Order Receipt

  • Fixed issue where updating expiration date on credit cards failed on front-end

  • Fixed issue when clearing item quantities on an Order caused a blank screen

  • Fixed issue in HSF where text was not auto- formatting to white on black button in checkout

  • Fixed issue where the Orders page is not updated after closing an Orders filter

  • Fixed issue where Status and tracking number were not being updated on Level 1 ShipCompliant accounts

Release: January 27, 2022

  • !!NEW!! Streamlined Void and Exchange/Refund functionality:

  • Fixed issue with square payments refunds in VineSpring causing duplicate orders after sync

  • Fixed issue with order status not updating when navigating between pages

  • Fixed issue with being unable to edit customer email addresses if the email had been previously used

  • Fixed issue with $0 wish allocations triggering duplicate receipt emails

  • Fixed issue with allocation wishes not displaying correctly in receipt emails

  • Added endpoints to external-api for managing inventory

  • Fixed issue with club signup email template Subject not reflecting in sent email

  • Fixed issue that was allowing drafts to be saved without a delivery method

Release: January 10, 2022

Happy New Year!

  • Order Filters now persist until the user explicitly exits the filter. This means that you can now drill down into a filtered order without losing your filtered results.

  • Added ability to disable Order Types for newly created Admin Orders

  • Fixed issue with POS not pulling tax rate from Avalara correctly

  • Fixed issue with credit card errors not being visible when trying to submit payment for Batch Orders

  • Fixed issued with logo on Checkout page not linking correctly

  • Updated Discount Scope and Inventory displays to filter out Bundle SKUs

  • Added Email Receipt for Batch Orders

  • Updated Batch upload tempate to require a format of MM/DD/YYYY for all dates

  • Added ability for distinguishing between Online and Admin Orders within Receipt templates via HTML code that can be inserted

  • Fixed issue with compliance failure display in Batch upload

  • Fixed issue when “alternate email” and “email” are the same, set “alternate email” to null

  • Fixed Club configuration override method to display correctly on customer-facing “Upcoming Shipment” screen

  • Fixed issue when batch updating Orders, Ship Date should be using local time

  • Fixed issue with Discounts expiring prematurely due to UTC time

Release: December 2, 2021

Many fixes and many additions in this release!

  • fixed issue related custom order confirmation messaging not displaying properly

  • fixed issue with HSF footer color setting not being respected when set

  • removed “Virtual Product” designation

  • fixed issue with trying to save a blank/empty order note throwing an error when editing the order

  • fixed issue with long club names pushing edit actions off the screen

  • fixed issue with order note wrapping for long note text

  • fixed issue with “club membership deleted” webhook not firing properly

  • fixed issue with square order imports failing where the order customer was deleted before the import happened

  • added ability for square order imports to handle inclusive taxes

  • added ability for square order imports to handle services charges, including those marked as “AUTO GRATUITY”

  • fixed issue with HSF header image/background not linking properly

  • removed 0 quantity items from 205 export format

  • removed “hidden product” purchasing restriction when sending non-visible products to cart

  • fixed issue related to $0 wish-only allocation orders

  • updated SDK to allow setting custom registration fields via URL parameters

  • added tracking number to the ‘one order per row’ export format

  • fixed issue with credit card fields extending out of view on mobile

  • fixed issue with duplicate customers (using email as the unique constraint) being created

  • updated display of large numbers in admin to use comma separators, e.g. 1,000,000 rather than 1000000

  • fixed issue that allowed admins to enter negative manual shipping or tax values, since this was throwing off reporting and transaction calculations

  • updated order batches / corp gifting to validate uploaded CSV files, to ensure required columns are populated and the correct format. Additionally tweaked error messaging to be more clear when something is invalid

  • updated admin to not require a page refresh to see a newly added card for a customer

  • fixed issue with wish-only allocation emails not firing

  • removed 90 Refund restriction for order charges

  • updated HSF/SDK order confirmation text to properly render Markdown formatting

Release: November 4, 2021


Create a bundle of multiple SKUs and sell as one item (example: Gift Packs, Verticals, etc).

Key Features of Bundles:

  • Inventory is depleted at the individual SKU level.

  • Shipping charges are assessed at the individual SKU level.

  • Discounts are applied at the individual SKU level.

  • Fulfillment exports reflect the individual SKUs.

  • Reporting in VS reflects the individual SKUs as opposed to the Bundle name.

  • ShipCompliant reflects the individual SKUs for compliance checking, reporting and fulfillment (No 'Kit' needed).


Release: October 25, 2021

These enhancements & fixes were pushed live today:

  • "Send to Cart" front-end will now display Product images - even if the applicable Products are not defined to display in the Storefront.

  • "Sent to Cart" Order Type will now persist after the customer has purchased. Previously, this Order Type would change to "internet".

  • If a club membership is changed from one club level to another during an active release, that member will no longer be charged for both club releases, but instead will only be charged for updated membership release.

  • Fixed issue with Order Batch (Corporate Gifting) discounts not being saved or displayed properly on the Batch.

  • Fixed issue with alt emails being archived in MailChimp

  • Allow users to revert to 'Inside US' after clicking 'Outside US' in checkout

  • Fixed Discounts to account for the 'All Products EXCEPT' setting.

Release: October 8, 2021

These enhancements & fixes were pushed live today:

  • Allocated orders that are "wish only" (no actual purchase was made at the time of the order) will now apply payment correctly (previously, an error was thrown)

  • Using the "Send to Cart" feature now bypasses some frontend checks that were preventing some items from being purchased (because the item was not viewable on the frontend site, ie: a library vintage)

  • We expanded the product search to ensure products with slashes in the name return properly in the results

  • We updated our ShipStation sync to ensure “US” is being passed as country code. This corrects any issues with malformed country codes causing the sync to stick.

Release: September 28, 2021

New Feature - Batch Order Creation (aka Corporate Gifting)

Now you can batch-create orders and charge one credit card one time for the full amount. Perfect for holiday corporate gifts! Learn all about it here:

We also pushed the following enhancements:

  • Added a unique "order transaction" key parameter that eliminates any possibility of a double charge

  • SKUs with spaces will no longer upload when importing Products / SKUs in mass via the CSV uploader. SKU identifiers should be short - example: 2019CVCH - and this change ensures the CSV upload is in line with the same restrictions when entering a SKU directly in the admin panel.

  • For those using our SDK (direct integration) with their website, you now have the option to specify "Source" as a free-form text field or a static drop-down field on both Registration and Club Signup forms.

  • We fixed an issue where, in some circumstances, the default fulfillment house was not being assigned to club shipment orders generated from the club batch tool.

  • We've added Trustee information to the Order details screen, and to relevant export formats.

  • We updated the Payments screen to bring it in line with recent Stripe changes.

  • Admins can now set the display order of ship methods on the frontend checkout page.

  • We've added real-time Order summary section to the top of the orders screen:

Release: August 31, 2021

  • Phone numbers are now required for Pickups!

  • We now show an indication on Customer Profile that a Customer is a Club member without clicking on the Clubs tab.

  • We now Sort shipping options by lowest price, then by name, in checkout.

  • Fixed issue with HSF header background image not linking properly.

  • Integrated spam checker into the SDK registration form.

  • Added space to “Sales Rep” in order and draft detail screens.

  • We now prevent Customer profiles from having identical emails (including alternates).

  • Customer default address is populated/updated to Customer record when saving a customer+address within an Order.

Release: August 24, 2021

  • Fixed issue with incorrect Allocation end-time being displayed in Customer Allocations tab

  • Fixed issue where a new Customer that used the same email as a previous customer’s alternate email would result in the previous customer’s Mailchimp subscriber being "Archived"

  • Fixed issue in SDK/HSF that resulted in the user being shown a blank screen during checkout if an item was sold out

  • Updated ShipCompliant carrier codes to be up-to-date with ShipCompliant

  • Updated customer groups to be appear in alphabetical order

Release: August 12, 2021

  • Fixed issue with responsive breakpoints in sdk/hsf checkout, which was causing the issues on mobile devices

  • Fixed issue that was preventing clearing out of discount expiration date

  • Fixed issue with cart allocations that had expired. Now expired/invalid allocations are cleared from cart when detected

  • Fixed issue with adding allocations to cart if there was no cart and no items selected

  • Fixed issue with disconnecting from square via admin if it was already disconnected via square dashboard

Release: August 4, 2021

  • Added email validation to checkout, to prevent invalid emails being entered in the first step

  • Clubmember admin notes are now editable after membership is no longer active

  • SKU name is now used (as opposed to Product name) in club-related screens in both Admin and SDK/HSF

  • 'Additional Request Receipt' email template was updated to only show items that were actually requested

Release: July 29, 2021

  • Club membership cancelation reason is now editable

  • Updated gift messages to be limited to 240 characters to coincide with fulfillment house limitations

  • Updated club member notes to only be visible if they are present

  • Send to Cart function now includes option for custom messaging.

Release: July 19, 2021

We just pushed the following enhancements, fixes, and features to VineSpring.

  • If you're taking advantage of our enhanced MailChimp integration with eCommerce capabilities (comes standard in the VineSpring Flex and Professional plans), you will now see Allocation sales accurately reported on campaigns.

  • Searching just got better! We made tweaks to the search results to help ensure the most relevant data is returned first.

  • Square connected clients - orders with $0 (samples, gifts, etc) are now synchronizing with VineSpring so you can more accurately account for these product movements.

And 2 small but not insignificant fixes:

  1. When canceling a club membership for someone, you can now select the top option in the cancelation reason list (this resolves an issue where this first option wasn't selectable until after selecting another option)

  2. A unique scenario existed whereby if the alternate email on a customer record unsubscribed (but the primary email was still subscribed), any change to the primary record would re-subscribe the alternate email. This is no longer happening - the alternate email will remain unsubscribed regardless of changes to the primary account information.

Release July 13, 2021

  • Added joined and cancelled dates to club membership display

  • Added ability to record a reason when cancelling a club membership

  • Updated how allocation wish export is formatted and added additional information to the export

  • Fixed Customer Group export adding extra columns due to commas in the data

Release June 10, 2021

!!Important for ShipCompliant Users!!

There are changes to the way Orders are edited/amended depending on whether they affect Fulfillment Status.

Here's a video detailing the new Best Practices:

If you'd rather read about this instead, here is a full article.

Release May 11, 2021

  • Admins can now optionally assign Sources to Club Membership records. Define them here.

  • The Reports page looks different! As you've been hearing, we will be transitioning fully to the Reporting Dashboards on June 30th. Until then, you'll be able to click on 'Legacy Reports' from the Reports page if you need to access them.

  • You can now manage wishes directly from Order! Clicking on the “x requested” link in order items panel opens a popup allowing the admin to grant/deny wishes right there, rather than having to find the order in the allocations “additional wishes” screen.

  • Customer-facing Club customization screens contain additional context and information, including images and pricing.

Here's a video detailing a few of these new features:

Reports Have Moved

Hi! As we've been announcing, our standard Reports are being replaced by the Reporting Dashboards on June 30th.

As a first step, we have simply moved where the standard Reports are located. If you'd like to access them, click the Legacy Reports link in the lower right.

If you have not yet become familiar with the Dashboards, we'd encourage you to take a look! This short video will give you the basics.

Release April 29, 2021

We've improved the Square <> VineSpring integration so that more customer information is pushed to Square, including which club group they are in, their LTV (lifetime value), and how long they have been a customer.

Why is this important? KYC (Know Your Customer) information in your POS helps you to provide better customer service. Club members in VineSpring are automatically synced with Square customer groups in real time. You could, for example, set up a discount to apply to a Square customer group so your wine club member is given the appropriate discount when checking out in the tasting room.

Other updates in this release:

  • Made improvements to the Search function so that it’s more robust and efficient

  • Added ability to manually add / override an address at checkout (makes it easier to enter a PO Box for a billing address during checkout)

  • Added freight tax to the 1011 export format

  • Added a display toggle to hide / show processed wishlist orders for allocations

  • Enhanced the Pickup vs. Delivery toggles on front-end to make it more obvious for your customer during checkout

And, as always, we also fixed a handful of miscellaneous issues that will improve the VineSpring experience.

Release March 31, 2021

The new and improved HSF is HERE!

Take a look at the following video for a brief overview. We think you'll like what you see.

Here are the Highlights:

  • All pages have fresh, modern look and feel

  • Slide-out cart appears when customers View Cart

  • Ability to define ship-method-specific messaging with regard to Shipping vs. Pickup

  • Ability to define Preferred Ship/Pickup Dates in a drop-down that the customer can choose

  • Ability to define states that require DOB input for compliance.

Do I need to do anything to enable the new HSF?

Nope! It's already there. However, we would encourage you to go take a look so that you can make any adjustments to colors, etc.

Where do I make changes?

To define 'Action' colors (these are colors of links and buttons), go to Settings > Storefront > Styling.

To take advantage of defining Preferred Ship/Pickup Dates, defining states that require DOB input and inserting ship-method-specific messaging, go to Settings > Storefront > Checkout.

Release February/March 2021

  • If a customer skips a club shipment and then cancels they will no longer show up in the skipped status.

  • Special characters are now fully allowed in shipping instructions and gift messages, but stripped before sending to ShipCompliant.

  • Gift Membership report has been added to the Clubs Dashboard. Makes it easy to track gift memberships and remaining shipments.

  • SDK: If a customer changes their card or address (in their account area), and it’s associated with clubs, they are asked if they’d like to update their clubs with the new info. If yes, it does so automatically now.

  • It is now possible to directly customize a customer’s allocation, and jump to their additional wishes, if any, from the customer screen.

  • Desired/granted allocations now display more concisely in all places that requests/grants/denies can be seen.

  • Existing credit cards can be updated (address zip, expiration month/year or name on card) by using the existing Add Card function. If an added card matches an already existing card, it will be updated.

  • You can now toggle customer holds and skips for SDK-enabled accounts.

  • Beta for new HSF has been deployed to our beta testers!

  • Copper Peak export format fixes/adjustments.

  • Club shipments that have card declines when charging are now more informative about the reason why they were declined (or failed for any other reason).

Release January 12-22, 2021

  • NEW!! Customer Dashboard and Allocation Dashboard

  • New default email templates for Order Receipt and Club Order Receipt. (Clients who have made changes to their old templates will need to "restore default" to see and/or utilize the new templates. New clients and clients who have not made changes to the old base templates will automatically see the new templates).

  • Alternate emails are now tagged in MC with "Alt Email" when sync'd. This is useful when clients do not wish to send the same email to all of a customer's addresses.

  • Clients can now search for a product when creating discounts, rather than scroll through a random ordered list.

  • We have updated the VinFillment export format to their latest version

  • SDK: Small text enhancements (larger gift message link, smaller payment language at the bottom)

  • We have expanded the credit card decline logic so there are not so many card issues showing up in Club error status. They will now show in declined status and therefore get the automatic card issue notification email.

  • We now show both Allocation wish request qty and granted request qty on an order

  • Editing a ShipCompliant order that requires an additional compliance check and therefore reverts the status back to awaiting fulfillment, now alerts user that they need to resend to fulfillment.

  • Will now show correct $ amount on clubs screen after you edit a club shipment

  • Address is no longer required when creating new customer from an order

Release December 18, 2020

  • We now have the ability to restore the default email templates. So if you've edited your template(s) (which we do not overwrite), you can now 'restore default' to take advantage of our improved versions.

  • Admin orders now auto-populate the contact phone for SC integration

  • 'Ship Date' on clubs and orders will now match

  • PDF receipts now show the Billing email, the contact phone, and displays 'Ship Date' instead of 'Shipped'.

  • Purchaser email is no longer being sent to SC as recipient email for gift memberships

  • Product Image size limit is now 1MB up from 150k

  • SDK now has CSS classes

Release December 3, 2020

  • SDK: MailChimp campaigns will now properly track conversions

  • We have added a re-try mechanism to our Square order import that runs overnight, so if something fails the first time we will try again

  • Added additional fields to the Customer Record page including all the custom fields, lifetime sales, last 12 months of sales, and the ability to have a link to a 3rd party CRM if it is being used

  • We have a new order type called 'Allocation' that will automatically be applied to any internet order placed through the allocations area. (Note that this will apply only to those Allocation orders moving forward).

  • And the big one! You can now customize everything about a club order before it is created. We are utilizing the draft functionality so that everything from cost of an individual item to shipping method, discounts or even payment can be customized on a club order before it is charged. Also: Upcoming club shipments will now show in the clubs tab of the customer so you don’t have to hunt through the clubs release screen for an individual order.

Releases Nov 10-25, 2020

  • CPH Report now shows customers that have or have NOT made a purchase.

  • You can now set a source for a club membership

  • The custom fields are now displayed when just viewing the club membership, using the customized titles that an admin has set

  • If an admin has selected Flat Rate Shipping on a club but the shipping method is a pickup method the flat rate will not be applied to the club order

  • We have fixed the merge variables that were not working and added some new ones:

  1. Customer and Order custom templates can now utilize {{accountLink}} which will log the customer in and place them on the home page

  2. Order custom template has a new variable called {{orderLink}} which will log the customer in and take them directly to the order

  3. The variable {{accountLink}} is available in the Order Receipt and Refund Receipt as well

  • Hide pickup link if no pickup options allowed (SDK)

  • We have corrected a bug in the PDF receipt that was incorrectly showing an order as PICKUP when it was shipped, instead we are now showing the name of the shipping method

  • SDK: support “skip shipment” behavior on front end

  • SDK: native support for markdown on all product fields (specifically the “this product is allocated” text)

  • SDK: Don’t allow “only spaces” in order address fields or phone numbers.

Release October 30, 2020

  • When an admin user removes a discount from an order draft and sends the draft to a cart, the discount does not appear again when the customer opens the cart on the storefront

  • MailChimp campaigns are now correctly tracking revenue

  • Five additional custom fields were added to the customer screen, the upload, and the “All Fields” and “Upload Format” exports

  • When an admin navigates to the order filter, the order status they had selected will be automatically set on the filter

  • New fields to store a winery’s address and phone number were added in Settings/Business/Account Plan. This information displays on the PDF receipt.

Releases Sept 24 - Oct 29, 2020

  • We’ve updated the description for discount audiences, to better indicate what customers will be eligible for a given discount.

  • Further re: discounts, we’ve improved the discount display to make discounts more find-able (including future discounts) and manageable.

  • In the customer detail view under the email log going forward, we’ll now show a “Failed reason” if a given email failed to send, helping Admins troubleshoot those circumstances with customers a little more easily.

  • On the HSF, if a club is not a custom club, we’ll no longer show the “Customize Items” link to the customer when viewing a club release.

  • We have fixed the bug that was on occasion sending a regular order receipt at the time the club order was charged.

  • Reworked the inventory screen so be a little more clear on what each column represents and made the entry of incrementing and decrementing products easier

  • Also reworked the Inventory History screen and the Inventory History export to match the changes made to the screen

  • The order screen will now auto refresh when an order is Sent to Fulfillment

  • Avalara Export Format - This lives as a second tab in the sales dashboard.

  • “Source” (how did you hear about us, referrals, etc) can now be collected in a club signup (SDK)

  • Shipping Address Company is now added to the club member exports

  • Tips UX update on VineSpring POS - Provides a summary of order for a consumer to review and complete (add tip).

  • Introduced a new (much-anticipated!) PDF Receipt format

SHIPCOMPLIANT improvements

  • Concurrent ShipCompliant calls have been eliminated so we should not see the error “Duplicate/Concurrent compliance check detected”

  • We are now removing ampersands, single quotes/apostrophes, and extraneous whitespace from shipping addresses when checking compliance to prevent an error from a bad character

  • The License Relationship is being explicitly set on a compliance call now, this will prevent pickup orders from being charged on the ShipCompliant side

  • You can now use period, forward and back slash in a SKU and this has been vetted to work with ShipCompliant, MailChimp and ShipStation

We have also made several additional changes to the ShipCompliant integration including:

— Indicating if a compliance check was not made because there was a validation failure returned from SC
— Allowing for easier re-check of compliance when the DOB needs to be updated on a customer
— Ensuring that order details and their SC status stays in sync between SC and VS

Release September 10, 2020

  • !!BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!: We’ve opened up access to our Reconciliation, Sales and Clubs Reporting Dashboards to ALL VineSpring account types! Take a look at how the Reconciliation Dashboard works here. See how the Sales Dashboard works here.

  • Several changes and improvements to the TPI exports

  • Several changes to how we import Square orders such that they report more accurately

  • Admins now have the ability to set additional information on the order draft, e.g. source, gift message, etc.

  • Admins now have the ability to toggle on/off the auto-setting of Order Source = Order Type. (Will default to off)

  • Onsite/offsite tax rules in SC not updating order totals correctly in VS

  • Very large Groups will no longer experience a timeout error when exporting to MailChimp

  • DH Compliance order export now reflects correct item prices and invoice sub total

Release August 13, 2020

  • We’ve converted order receipts, when printed (using the “Print Receipt” action), to be generated directly as PDFs.

  • We’ve fixed an issue related to campaign ROI not tracking properly within MailChimp. This will affect orders going forward.

  • We’ve fixed the issue that was causing clients to be unable (inconsistently) to send emails from Orders.

  • When viewing emails from the customer detail email log, they are no longer strangely cropped.

  • We’ve ensured that the email logs (on the customer detail view) show the ‘sent on’ date, instead of the ‘last opened’ date.

  • We’re now performing some basic validation on the “Name on Card” and “Full Name” fields in checkout to ensure customers aren’t entering email addresses in those fields.)

Release July 30 & August 6, 2020

  • We now include the “Line 2” address information in the address display when selecting delivery options during order creation in Admin.

  • We’re now listing order tags in alphabetical order, in all places they’re displayed in the Admin UI.

  • We’ve updated the number of club members shown (on each club) on the Clubs page to — instead of just showing a number with no definition — show numbers of active / on hold / canceled.

  • We’ve fixed the bug that was causing Admins to not be able to delete a POS draft.

  • We’ve created club membership-related webhooks.

  • We’ve made some additional adjustments to the 202 order export format.

  • We’ll now display an error when the customer enters a zip code on the HSF (to pull up available delivery options) that does not exist in the real world.

  • We’ve fixed some issues with the customer download “MailChimp” format.

  • We’ve fixed the bug causing ShipCompliant Hold-at-locations to not work properly during checkout on the HSF.

  • SDK now allows the collection of purchaser DOB during checkout.

  • We’ve removed the ability for customers to ‘check out as guest’ — they may either log in (to get applicable discounts and use saved cards and addresses) or if not, we’ll just tie the order to their record anyway.

  • Navigating to a customer group with many, many members no longer causes the page to time out.

  • We’ve done further work to suppress the Intercom icon on the order draft, such that it won’t obscure the “Pay” button.

  • We’ll now order notes on a customer profile from newest at top to oldest at bottom.

  • We’ve ensured that we’re appropriately using the ‘calculated shipping’ amount across all reports.

Release July 23, 2020

  • We now allow clients to enable/disable Apple/Google Pay.

  • Since we can now inline-edit individual orders, we’ve removed the extra step (to edit that same info) after clicking “Edit”. Therefore, you can now edit Source, Tag, Status, Fulfillment House, Ship Date and Tracking Number without the need to click 'Edit' or 'Create Draft'.

  • The shipping amount stored on a transaction and on an order represented the amount paid after discounts have been applied — we’ve changed it to represent the amount paid BEFORE discounts are applied.

  • We’ve added support for carriage returns within custom text entered in the MESSAGE variable when manually sending emails.

  • We fixed the issue that was causing a draft order to be deleted when the saved card used for payment is declined.

  • We’ve fixed the issues related to auto-login links’ use with fully-customized SDK sites (specifically, we needed to fix the links auto-generated in the Club Signup, Club Pre-Shipment Notification, and Credit Card issue Notification emails, as well as the link generated by the “Display Auto-Login Link” tool).

  • We’ve updated the “TPI Invoice” order export to accommodate changes made by TPI.

  • We’ve fixed the justification of “Fulfillment House” value on the Order detail, when viewed on a tablet-sized screen.

  • We’ve fixed a UTC issue with the Deposit Summary report.

  • We’ve fixed the currently malformed (on mobile phone) ‘this membership is for me’ / ‘this membership is for someone else’ buttons in the HSF club sign up flow.

Release July 16, 2020

We've been busy! These notes summarize releases that have happened over the past few weeks.

  • We now support connecting to ShipStation! You can find this new connection option under Settings > Connections > 3rd Party Integrations. When clients have orders they wish to ship via ShipStation, they can filter for those in VS, then click the “Ready for ShipStation” option under the Filter Actions menu. ShipStation will then ingest the orders and clients can manage/ship them via ShipStation as usual. Once a label has been created for an order, its status in VineSpring will be automatically updated to “Shipped” and the tracking number will be populated, accordingly. (Note that ShipStation does not provide a “Delivered” status; clients will need to manually update orders shipped via ShipStation to “Delivered” in VineSpring.) NOTE: We also offer a “Ready for ShipStation” link in the upper right-hand nav when viewing an individual order, so you can prepare orders to be imported by ShipStation either in batch or individually.

  • We’re now surfacing improved batch job error detail to clients, such that they can more easily find/fix issues.

  • Admins now have more control over the Hold feature for club memberships. They can enable/disable this feature on a per-club basis and set a max hold duration. (Note that these restrictions only apply to customers — the Hold feature is always available to Admins for whatever duration they choose.) You can find this new setting under Clubs > create a new club or edit an existing club. Note that this feature does not yet work with fully-customized SDK storefronts, but it’s on the list of future SDK enhancements.

  • When sending emails manually from within Admin, you can now edit the To:, From:, and Subject: fields.

  • When creating a new customer, Admin users can now enter an address as part of that process, instead of having to add the address post-customer creation.

  • When you make a non-balance affecting change to an order (e.g. changing a sales rep or the order type), the button on the draft will now say “Update” instead of “Pay” and we won’t display the payment selection dialog. We’ll just save the change.

  • Admin users can now enter/edit shipping contact phone numbers (via inline editing) on a completed order.

  • We’ve added validation on gift messages to restrict entry of special characters (and emojis), as they were causing downstream issues for ShipCompliant.

  • We fixed an issue wherein MailChimp did not (under certain circumstances) like Canadian zip codes.

  • We’ve added a “Skip” feature for clubs. Admins can now choose on a club-by-club basis whether or not to allow customers to skip shipments and specify the associated frequency (e.g. X skips per calendar week/month/year).

  • Customer, order, and club release-related merge variables are now available for use when creating custom email templates. The variables available will correspond to the “Availability Option” selected when creating the template, due to the merge variables’ contextual nature.

  • Admins may now upload orders having multiple tracking numbers via the batch upload.

  • We’ve improved the UX related to using the multi-select, inline-editable fields (e.g. tags) when viewing a completed order.

  • We’ve tweaked the Account > Clubs area of the HSF to improve display of clubs with multiple available ship methods.

Release June 11, 2020

  • We’ve released two new QuickSight dashboards — the Clubs Dashboard and the Reconciliation Dashboard. Like the Sales Dashboard, the Clubs Dashboard is available only to Professional and Enterprise-level VineSpring accounts ($399 and above). BUT the Reconciliation Dashboard is available to ALL accounts.

See the Reconciliation Dashboard in action here:

  • We’ve made some background changes to ensure better, more efficient, and more successful handling of the ever-increasing amounts of client data in V3 that we make available for reporting.

  • We fixed a bug wherein changing item quantity in the cart caused shipping options to appear, even if no zip code had been entered.

Release June 4, 2020

  • Admins can now add/update Shipping and Gift messages associated with an order.

  • Also, those fields, along with the Source, Tags, Status, Fulfillment House, Ship Date, and Tracking Number fields can now be inline-edited when viewing an order.

  • During checkout on the HSF, the button that says, “Pay with Card”, now instead says “Proceed to Payment” (since you can pay either with a card or with Apple/Google pay).

  • If a product tag has no associated products that are “visible” we won’t show that tag on the storefront.

  • When entering a credit card with a bad CVC on a club membership (in storefront or admin), we now display an error (as we do for that circumstance elsewhere on the storefront and in Admin).

  • We now make more obvious in Admin that the same discount code cannot be used by more than one active discount.

Release May 28, 2020

  • Clients can now set the page background color and select the Shop page product layout (1, 2, and 3 column - defaults to 3)) on their hosted storefront. We’ve additionally added the ability to “preview changes” in each of the Page Header, Page Body, and Page Footer sections.

  • We will now do an inventory check prior to an Admin user sending a “Send to Cart” email (and alert them if an item they’ve included in the order has insufficient inventory) to help avoid associated issues in the customer’s cart on the storefront.

  • Searching for an existing customer by email address in the process of creating an order now produces more accurate/expected results.

  • We now use a hamburger menu to display/hide the left nav in the Admin UI on both phone-sized AND tablet-sized screens, to conserve screen real estate on the smaller screen sizes.

  • We’ve improved the display of the customer search result drop-down when searching for customers while creating an order.

  • We now provide a friendlier path to upload product images if none have yet been uploaded (and to add an image during the selection process, if the one you wish to use has not yet been uploaded).

  • When adding items available for customization to a custom club release, you may now add SKUs that aren’t displayed on the storefront (i.e. “Can View” on the SKU is unchecked).

Release May 21, 2020

  • We’ve added an SDK configuration setting to enable fully-customized storefronts to properly support use of: auto-login links included in system-generated emails, the “Login as” function in Admin, the auto-login link generator, and the MailChimp store (for those clients that are on Professional-level accounts and use MC’s eCommerce features). You can find this new setting under Settings > Storefront > SDK (Custom Storefront).

  • We now offer an integration with Calendly! For clients with Premium and Pro Calendly accounts (and a Standard, Professional, or Enterprise VineSpring account) when customers create a Calendly appointment, the appointment information will flow to VineSpring and will become a note on the customer. (…and if the person isn’t a customer yet, we’ll create a customer record for them in VineSpring.) You can find this new integration under Settings > Connections > 3rd Party Integrations.

  • We’ve added the ability to create a note on a customer via the Admin.

  • We’ve fixed an error that was occurring when when Admins attempted to add multiple tracking numbers to an individual order.

Release May 14, 2020

  • The first round of options for customizing the HSF are here! You can now use images in the header, change fonts, font colors, etc. to make the storefront entirely your own. You can find these new customization options under Settings > Storefront > Styling.

  • Delivery options are now presented by zip code entry, such that if local delivery options are available for a given zip code, they’ll be included in the initial options presented.

  • We now have an Abandoned Cart download! You can find it under Orders > All Orders > the “Other Actions” menu > Download Abandoned Carts.

  • Admins can now resend club signup emails, when needed. This functionality is available when viewing a customer’s club membership.

  • Professional-level VS accounts that are MailChimp-enabled previously didn’t populate the “Total revenue” and “Average order value” for customers when viewed within the MailChimp admin panel. They populate properly now.

  • On the storefront we now more elegantly handle carts sent to customers that contain SKUs having negative inventory.

  • If a shipping plan is in use by one or more products and the Admin attempts to delete that plan, we’ll now alert the Admin that the plan’s in use (and disallow the delete).

Release May 7, 2020

  • We added fulfillment download formats for Eagle Rock and Copper Peak. These can be found on the Orders tab > Filters > Exports.

  • We fixed a bug that was causing some club orders to not get properly checked for compliance in SC.

  • We addressed an issue with the sync to MailChimp that was resulting in the sync timing out, as well as an issue with the handling of bad email addresses. The sync now won’t time out and if a bad email is present, it won’t abort the entire sync operation.

  • We are working on adding enhancements and features to the HSF - stay tuned, as those will be released next week!

Release April 30, 2020

  • Club orders now have their own receipt (instead of just reusing the regular Order Receipt). You can find this new template under Settings > Emails > “Club Order Receipt”. The club name is included in the subject line and in the little header blurb above the receipt detail. (it will start being sent for any clubs that are processed from this point forward - so it’s important to customize that template prior to your next club run).

  • When adding items to an order draft, there are now two new filters for that product selection view (in addition to “Most Popular” and “All”) called “Last 10" and “Collections”. “Last 10" are the last 10 items YOU have added to orders. “Collections” are collections of items admins can create to easily find groups of products, e.g. the wines in a given tasting flight, etc. (Note that to use collections as a filter for this view, you first have to create collections under Products > Collections.)

  • When filtering orders, you can now filter on more than one order type at a time.

  • Admins may now label customer email addresses. (Currently, labeling is only available to Admins and only displays within the Admin UI.)

  • We’ve updated the shipping rate imports to remove commas in zone definition names, as the commas were causing issues.

Release April 23, 2020 

  • Admins can now disable the automatic sending of (most) system emails. You can disable automatic sending of emails either by their groupings on the Email Templates screen or within an individual email template itself. (Note  that Password reset is excluded).

  • Admins can now batch upload tracking numbers. This functionality is available when filtering orders as one of the possible Filter Actions > Batch Update options. (Note that the tracking number upload doesn’t have to perfectly match the filtered view of orders, unlike other actions on that screen, but orders do need to be in “Shipped” status for the tracking numbers to be applied properly. …so presumably you filter, batch update the given orders to “Shipped” and then upload tracking numbers in one fell swoop.)

  • You can now quick-switch between users within an account via a PIN code (presumably when a POS tablet/phone is changing hands between sales staff in the tasting room). Admins can set PIN codes for their users when adding/editing users.

  • Related to this ^^, we now display the user name (first part of email address) or Sales Rep name (if the user has a Sales Rep name) in the header bar, next to the little person icon.

  • The little person icon is also now the menu to navigate directly to batch jobs, notifications, etc.

  • The Settings > Storefront > Account area screen now better handles the display of large amounts of text.

  • We now send admin order receipts for orders that are completed via “Send to Cart”.

Releases April 9 & 16, 2020 

  • ShipCompliant Users: You can now batch force-commit orders that have not been committed to ShipCompliant (instead of only being able to do that one-by-one).

  • When viewing search results for an “orders” search, orders will now display from most recent to oldest.

  • We now indicate if a draft was sent to cart in the Orders > Drafts screen.

  • For migrated club members (i.e. non-storefront signups), if there’s only one delivery option available, we’ll automatically auto-select it. 

  • When customers log into the storefront during the “pay with card” step, if any discounts apply to their logged in user, we’ll now apply them successfully.

  • Admins can now filter orders based on a specific list of order numbers. (Orders > Filter Orders, then select “OrderNumber” “LIST” and paste in order numbers — one per line — as needed.)

  • Admins can now more easily remove items from the product selection dialog when creating an order. (Instead of having to zero the item out, there’s just an “X” to remove it.)

  • We’ve added cancelation date to the club member exports.

  • We fixed a bug wherein ship dates that were updated (individually or in batch) on existing orders did not get updated accordingly in ShipCompliant.

  • Tips from POS and Square orders can now be found in the Transactions report. 

  • Tips can now also be accessed via the API.

  • Admins can now delete custom email templates.

  • There are no longer any required fields in the footer.

Release April 2, 2020

  • Batch actions related to ShipCompliant are now working for all records returned in an order filter, not just those being viewed.

  • We have now made extra-obvious (and double-confirm) the number of records that will be affected upon a batch update. 

  • When batch updating, if no order tags exist, we message that to the user more clearly and provide a path to create tags, if desired.

  • We’ve suppressed the Intercom chat bubble on the various dialogs in the create order flow, as they were obscuring the dialogs’ action buttons. 

Release March 19 & 26, 2020 

  • Upcoming club orders (for Fixed and Custom clubs) now auto-decrement from remaining inventory, providing clients insight into how an upcoming club release will impact inventory AND ensuring that customized club orders (and storefront orders, as usual) don’t oversell. You can see this new addition to the Inventory view under Products > Inventory.

  • We now allow Admins to assign Sales Reps to users, and if assigned, the given Sales Rep will automatically be associated with orders created by the associated user. Go to Settings > Business > Users > create or edit a user > assign a Sales Rep name to the user.

  • Clients can now have either Avalara OR ShipCompliant enabled. If you have questions about the Avalara integration, let us know!

  • You can now filter orders by Type of “Square”.

  • Club orders now properly use ShipCompliant, when enabled, to calculate tax.

  • We’ve implemented Google Pay and Apple Pay (via Stripe) on the HSF. If the customer meets the requirements (e.g. Apple Pay only works on Safari browsers; Google’s less restrictive) we’ll display the appropriate Pay buttons at the point when the customer would select/enter a card during checkout.

Release March 12, 2020 

Notice something different?

  • We’ve got a brand new look & feel for the ‘create new’ order screen! Though the fundamental functionality is the same, it’s definitely arranged quite a bit differently — and is far more mobile-friendly!

  • We also fixed a production issue that was keeping all items from appropriately showing when trying to add ‘items for customization’ in a custom club release.

Release March 5, 2020 

  • Admins can now enable page view tracking on the Storefront using Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. You can find these new features under Settings > Connections > 3rd Party Integrations.

  • We’re providing better messaging to customers when they try to purchase items that have conflicting shipping methods and zones.

  • We also now allow products to be ignored by shipping calculations, such as event tickets that are delivered electronically. You can find this option when creating/editing a SKU — look for a Shipping Plan called “Virtual Product”.

  • Batch jobs and notifications no longer only display to the user that triggered them, but instead show for all users. (And are also now labeled with the user that triggered them, so you can easily know who did what.)

  • Sales Reps associated with Square orders are now successfully flowing into VineSpring with the nightly import.

  • When a customer is created as part of a club signup, we now correctly set the shipping address entered as the customer’s default address.

  • When an Admin creates a new customer via an order draft using only name and email, the address no longer shows as “undefined”.

  • When Admins receive club signup email notifications, they now properly indicate the customer’s chosen shipping/pickup method.

Release February 27, 2020

  • We’ve shifted the cutoff time for Square orders that get imported to VineSpring each night from 4:00pm PT to 11pm PT, such that we can likely capture all (or very nearly all) of a given day’s orders in that nightly import.

  • We’ve updated the labels for button (and now also links!) color setting under Settings > Storefront > “Buttons and Links” to make that clearer and friendlier for Admins to use. (Markdown links will also now use the specified link color.)  

  • We’ve added the default address fields into the customer groups download, found at: Customers > Groups > click on a specific group > click to download members.

  • If an order is voided in VineSpring, we now also void it properly in ShipCompliant.

  • We fixed a production bug wherein addresses captured during storefront registration weren’t being synced to Square. Note that next week we’ll deploy a follow-on fix for similar related to addresses created during club signup.

  • We fixed a production bug wherein an Admin-only discount was displaying on the storefront 

Release February 20, 2020

This video shows the highlights but PLEASE BE SURE TO READ FULL NOTES BELOW!

  • Admins may now opt in to receiving email notifications when club members add/update notes on their club membership. You can find this feature under the “Other” heading when creating a new club or editing an existing club.

  • Admins now have the ability to send emails to individual club members from the club release screen. Click on a club member name, click “Send email”, and the list of emails available for sending will display. (That list varies by what status the customer is in - Unprocessed, Notified, etc.) Note that “Send email” > “Pre-Shipment Notif.” replaces the previous “Notify” functionality for sending a pre-shipment notification to an individual club member.

  • Speaking of pre-shipment notifications… We’ll automatically include alert customers about card/membership issues (e.g. expired credit card, missing credit card, missing shipping information) when pre-shipment notifications are sent out (either individually or in batch).

  • When a new customer signs up for a club, we’ll no longer send them a registration email AND a club signup email back to back. (We’ll instead combine the registration info into the club signup email).

  • If a new customer is created from the nightly Square sync, we’ll put “Square” in the source, such that they may be more easily found.

  • If customers have an alt email address on file, we’ll automatically create an associated contact in MC.

  • If any export is over 500 rows, it’ll be delivered via the Notifications screen vs. immediately downloaded (to be consistent with similar changes we did for order exports a while back and to better accommodate the creation and delivery of these larger files).

  • We did some refactoring of our MailChimp eCommerce integration to enable it to better handle importing (upon connection) a large number of orders.

Release February 13, 2020

This video shows the highlights, but please do read the full release notes below!

  • For Ship-Compliant-enabled clients, when checking compliance, we’ll now pass the DOB if it’s present on the order. Also related to this, we’ll now require DOB capture on the storefront for SC-enabled accounts when the customer is shipping to WI, OR, MI, SD, HI, IN, AZ, GA, KS, OH, PA, and OK (and doesn’t already have a DOB on file).

  • When an Admin processes club orders, if charges fail due to credit cards that are declined/expired/missing from the club membership profile, we’ll automatically email an alert to the customer (see Club Credit Card Issue Notification email template) AND will automatically attempt to re-charge their card after the customer subsequently updates their card info.  (If you look at that email template, you’ll also see that we’ve better organized the email template screen.)

  • We’re going to begin storing the dates when a club member took action to cancel their membership and when they put their membership on hold. We’ll also begin displaying these dates on the customer detail view, under the clubs tab.

  • If no other product tags are in use, we will no longer show a lonely “All” tag on the HSF.

  • We will now display an error if an Admin attempts to create a group with name that’s already in use.

Release February 6, 2020

This video shows the highlights, but please do read the full release notes below!

  • The customer merge feature in V3 now works! You can find this feature when viewing the customer detail, in the upper right-hand nav — “Merge”.

  • We’ve added custom fields to customers, which are custom-label-able, can be used in imports, and will display in the “All Fields” export. (You can customize these field names by going to Settings > Customizations).

  • If an Admin is viewing a customer’s credit cards (from the customer detail view - “Cards” tab) and attempts to delete a credit card associated with a club membership, we’ll alert them that it’s in use and may not be deleted (until they associate another card to the membership). Ditto for a customer: if they’re viewing their credit cards (in the Storefront — Account > Credit Cards) and attempt to delete a credit card associated with a club membership, we’ll alert them that it’s in use and may not be deleted (until they associate another card to the membership).

  • If a zone table is in use by a shipping method, we will not allow the Admin to delete it. (They can associate another zone table with the method, then proceed with the delete.)

Release January 30, 2020

This video shows the highlights, but please do read the full release notes below!

  • You can now edit existing shipping rates within the Admin User Interface! Go to Settings > Shipping > Shipping Rates to experience the magic.

  • Custom fields on SKUs and Club Memberships can now be custom-labeled. The custom labels will display in the UI and are carried through to reports. Visit Settings > Customizations > Custom Fields to custom-label fields to your heart’s content.

  • We updated the default Club Pre-Shipment Notification email to display just the customer’s first name in the greeting (instead of their full name).

  • The system will now display a loading icon when generating reports.

  • We’ve added a sneaky trap to catch (and thwart) bots that try to register on our clients’ storefronts. You can’t see it, but it’s there laying in wait. 

  • During club signup and checkout, we now display the name and company info associated with saved shipping addresses to make it easier for customers to find and select the desired address.

  • When viewing the groups with which a customer is associated on their customer detail page, clicking the group name will now take you to that group’s detail screen.

  • We fixed a bug wherein the club release ship date being displayed in the Club Pre-Shipment Notification email was displaying as one day after the ship date specified by the admin.

  • We fixed another bug wherein, if a customer clicked to customized their custom club release on the storefront, made no changes, but saved anyway, their shipment would inaccurately show as having been customized. 

Release January 23, 2020

This video shows the highlights, but please do read the full release notes below!

  • We’ve added new filters to the CPH report — AND — you can now add members to groups using CPH report results. You can reach the latter functionality by either running a CPH report and clicking “Add to Group” from the right-hand header nav — or — going to Customers > Groups > (create a new group or click into an existing group) > then from the right-hand header nav, Add/Remove Customers > By Purchase History.

  • We now have a Sales by Discount Detail report. You can find it under Reports > Sales > Detail Sales by Discount.

  • In club signup and in the club-related areas of the storefront, we’ve updated our terminology from talking about “shipments” to instead talking about “orders”, such that the wording will be more inclusive of customers who don’t ship (i.e. those who pick up).

  • If no email address has been captured for a Square customer, we will now use their Square ID to create a fake email address, such that we can still create a customer for them in VineSpring (and include in that record any name, address, or phone number info that may have been captured at the point of sale). Down the line, if an email is captured for that customer, we’ll update their customer record accordingly in VS. 

  • Whether adding or editing a customer, we now check for duplicate email entry.

  • In order to keep admins from accidentally deleting a club shipping method that’s in use by a club, we’ll now alert them that it’s in use and disallow the delete. 

Release January 16, 2020

This video shows the highlights, but please do read the full release notes below!

  • Customers may now add notes to their club membership. (In the Storefront: Account > Clubs > Click on a specific club membership > new link to “Add/edit a note about this membership”). These notes are also available in the club member downloads and viewable in Admin when looking at a given customer’s club membership.

  • On the storefront we now better indicate to the customer that a club membership is a gift membership. We also now hide the payment settings for the giftee (since payment of a gift membership is handled by the giftor).

  • When you now click on a customer name displayed within a group, it will take you to the detail view for that customer.

  • For the orders export, if an export contains more than 500 records (so has the potential to time out) we now send those exports to run / be viewable once completed in Notifications. (Exports of fewer than 500 records will still operate as they do today.)

  • The club member batch upload will no longer create duplicate club members.

  • The customer’s default address now displays at the top of their list of addresses on the storefront.

  • We’ve updated the product search feature.

  • If there is no address required for a shipping method, we now ensure there’s an alternate address entered for tax & shipping.

  • Locations coming from Square are now available as order sources, for order filtering purposes.

  • We fixed a bug wherein, when using the “Send to Cart” functionality, discounts that were manually added by the admin weren’t being properly carried over into the sent cart.

Release January 10, 2020

  • TPI exports (TPI Invoice and TPI Payment) are now available! You can find them under Orders > All Orders > Exports.

  • Gifted club shipments now properly respect the number of shipments that have been gifted.

  • When a club signup is a gift, we now capture a shipping address for the gift recipient during that process.

  • The default template for the Club Signup email now includes a section that will display for gift recipients, explaining that they’ve received a gift and will include the message sent by the giftor. 

  • During checkout, if a non-logged in customer enters an email address (as a destination for the receipt) that belongs to an existing account, we’ll prompt the customer to log in. (They can still check out without logging in, if desired.)

  • If a customer has been selected during the process of creating a new order (“Create New” from the Orders screen), it will now correctly display in Orders > Drafts with that customer’s name (vs. displaying as an anonymous order).

  • If there are no discount codes available, we will no longer show the “Apply Discount Code” link at checkout.

  • The Pick & Pack export is now available to admins. (Under Orders > All Orders > Export > Pick & Pack.)

  • If a customer has order drafts associated with their account, we’ll now show those under the “Orders” tab in the customer detail view.

  • When viewing a customer’s club membership record, you can click on the avatar to go to their detail view.

  • When in the customer detail view, the customer’s default address will now display at the top of their list of addresses.

  • We’ve updated the Allocation Customers report to only show correct/necessary input parameters and to include customers that have both purchased AND not yet purchased.

  • When viewing an allocation tier, all members are now displayed in alphabetical order.

  • We now display the “Customer Since” date and “DOB” date, when available, in the customer detail view.

  • We now include the customer’s phone number on the order detail display.

  • The available “Purchased SKUs” parameters that can be selected when generating a Transaction Items report now correctly includes SKUs imported from Square.

  • We’ve fixed a production bug that was causing an order to not be refundable when all products had been removed from the draft.

Release December 20, 2019

  • We now support a tax-only integration with Avalara (integration available with VineSpring’s $199 Plan).

  • We’ve made some minor tweaks to the order creation screen/flow to help it be more mobile-friendly and have added a “Send to Cart” option in this flow. “Send to Cart” allows the admin to send a Draft order directly to a customer for completion. This feature also comes with a new email template, which can be found under Settings > Email Templates > Send to Cart Notification.

  • We have added Sales Rep, Note, and Custom fields to the Club Membership.  (This info is available in the club member downloads and when editing a customer’s membership record.)

  • Role-based User Permissions are now live! (Available with VineSpring’s $399 plan). Learn how they work here.

Release November 14 - 21, 2019

  • Company name is now displaying anywhere that an address is shown, including Customer Profile, Club Membership and Order Draft.

  • Corrected some visual inconsistencies on orders when viewing in a tablet or mobile size screen.

  • On the order detail screen the fields source, fulfillment house, ship date and any tags selected are now displayed, so you do not need to edit the order to see this information.

  • They system now supports sending groups with more than 500 members to MailChimp.

  • Corrected a bug in the system that was allowing SKUs to be purchased by Admins even if it was marked as not available for purchase.

  • When you are scrolling down through the orders list, click to view an order, then click to return to the list, your position in the list will now be maintained.

  • Clients can now access the V3 help docs from within the Admin UI by clicking on “Help” in the left-hand nav.

Release October 24, 2019

• We’ve renamed a column in the Commission report from “Rep” to “Sales Rep”.

• We’ve added column titles to the Orders and Order Filter screen.

• We’ve made several updates to the Deposit Summary and Deposit Details reports.

• We’ve added two new reports: Reconciliation SKUs  and Transaction Reconciliation.  You can find them under: Reports > Reconciliation. In addition, we've added a best practices article around reconciling your credit card transactions with your bank statements.

• We’ve ensured that if an Admin takes an order back to draft and manually overrides shipping/tax, that any applicable discounts are preserved.

• On the Orders screen, the order status tabs now shift more gracefully from desktop-sized screens, to tablet-sized screens, to mobile-sized screens.

• We no longer show in the clubs customer exports empty rows (previously caused by the case where the purchaser and recipient had been deleted).

• On the club signup screen, we now hide the shipping address fields until a delivery option has been selected (or defaulted by the Admin) that requires them.

• In the order detail screen we now show company name with the shipping address, when applicable.

Release October 17, 2019

• We now support customers shipping to local pickup locations! To utilize this feature, your account must be integrated with ShipCompliant and you must choose to allow customers to ship to local pickup locations during checkout.  (Settings > Storefront > Checkout).

• When viewing a customer’s club membership, instead of showing “Default” as the shipping method, we’ll show whatever name you’ve given to that club’s default shipping method.

• Deleting a customer will now also delete any associated club memberships, group associations, open carts, etc.

• If a minimum purchase quantity has been set for an allocated product, but the customer wishes to not purchase any of that particular product, there’s now an option (in the dropdown menu) to select “0”.  (Previously, customers could only choose to not purchase by removing the product once in their cart.)

• When viewing an individual club release, we’ve added the club name to the end of the club release name (in the heading) to help more clearly identify what club/release you’re working with.

• We now preserve the order filter after you take the actions to: filter, view an individual order, then return to the filter view.  (Previously, that set of actions cleared the filter.)

• We’ve added isGift and ShippingMethod columns to the club member export.

Release October 10, 2019

It’s release day! This week’s release is filled with little housekeeping items -- gotta’ keep it tidy around here!  :) 

• We’ve fixed the field formatting of Tax and Shipping amounts in the Tax and Shipping by State report.

• During the club signup flow, we now default the delivery options drop-down menu to that club’s default shipping method.

• When Admins create an order, shipping methods now respect whether or not they’ve been made available (to Admins).

• We now maintain a customer’s location in the storefront after they log in (vs automatically redirecting them to the Account screen).

• If an Admin has triggered a batch club action (e.g. notify or charge) and tries to trigger the same action again, we’ll alert them that their batch is still running (and to go check its progress in the Batch Jobs screen).

Release October 3, 2019

Aside from a variety of smaller enhancements and bug fixes, we have two features that we’ve released:

  • You can now make a variety of batch updates to orders! Filter your orders, then choose the ‘Filter Action’ > ‘Batch Update’.

  • New Report! Commission Breakdown Report:  You can find it under Reports > Reconciliation > Commission Breakdown.

Release September 19, 2019

New Navigation!

Admin now has a shiny, brand new navigation! We’ve updated the Admin user interface to make it cleaner looking and easier to navigate.

Note that a few items have shifted locations — “Products” is now in the main nav (instead of under “Settings”) and some of the items under Settings have been combined into more logical groupings (for instance, “Storefront”, “Connections”, “Business”).

Release September 5, 2019

Some new stuff along with a couple of bug fixes:

•   Square Users: Square orders that are imported to VineSpring now automatically have their order status set to ‘Delivered’.

•  Regardless of when a customer logs in -- be that before or during the checkout process -- we now make sure any discounts for which they specifically qualify are properly applied.

•   We now use First Name and Last Name on the Groups export instead of Full Name, as the Full Name was in some cases upsetting the contents of the overall report.

•   You can now easily access and utilize your customer notes by going to Customers > Download > Customer Notes.

•  We’ve fixed a bug where discount codes weren’t previously respecting minimum purchase (quantity) requirements.  They now do!

Release August 15, 2019

•  We’ve updated the club “Preview Order” functionality so that the subtotal and then subsequent discounts for each customer’s shipment are more clearly stated, such that at a glance you can more easily confirm that all of the dollar values look correct.

•  When you create an Admin order, if you choose a shipping method that requires a shipping address, we are now preventing you from accidentally saving the order without an address. 

•  For allocation orders for which you’ve granted additional requests, we now more clearly identify which items were a part of the original order vs. which items were granted.

Release August 1, 2019

  • We’ve added a “Join Club” link generator on the Club detail screen, so you can more easily create those links for inclusion on your custom website, in emails, etc.

  • We’ve worked to suppress browsers’ address auto-fill on the storefront, as it can interfere with the Google Address entry helper -- we don’t want anything to get in the way of your customers entering valid shipping addresses!

  • You can now batch print order receipts from the order filter screen.  Bring on the pickup parties!

  • We’ve updated the order filter to allow filtering by more than one order status at a time, helping ease order viewing and management.

  • The Tax and Shipping Report was having some issues around mixed letter cases for state abbreviations  (CA vs. ca), complicating the display of associated information.

  • It’s now far easier, friendlier to create powerful auto-login links.

  • We’ve added some additional information (joined date, gift info) on the Clubs tab in the customer detail view, so you know more about your customer at-a-glance.

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