VineSpring Payments card processing fees for transactions includes all fees and charges related to non-card-present DTC and Club transactions.  This includes:

  • Card transaction fee

  • PCI Compliance fee

  • Gateway processing fee

  • Bank processing fees

  • Fraud detection

  • Credit card account updater service


  • We charge the same fee regardless of the type of credit card being used.  Some services (including banks) will charge different rates based on the type of card that is utilized for the transaction.

  • No fee for refunded transactions

  • No additional card or commission fees per transaction - it's just simple, straightforward per transaction pricing

To get the most accurate comparison, you will want to learn what your bank's base rate is PLUS any additional fees such as those described above as well as whether or not they charge different fees based on the type of credit card used.

The VineSpring service offers card processing fees based on how the card is processed:

In Person: 2.9% + $.30/transaction
Online: 3.5% + $.30/transaction 

Here is a link to our pricing/features page: so you can see the different features offered in each plan.



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