If you would rather design your own Purchase/Shop page to connect to VineSpring's Add to Cart, you can do that! Here's how:

  1. Log into your website builder (WordPress, SquareSpace, etc) - and create a page for your Product listing. This is a page where you will add all of your Products for sale, including images, description, links to vintage notes, etc. 

    2. Navigate to the default VineSpring Purchase/Shop page. The URL format
        looks like this: https://yourbusinessname.vinespring.site/#/purchase

    3. Click on the Product you want to link. The URL format looks like this:

     4. In your website builder, Copy/Paste that link into your Button and save. 

     5. Repeat the above with all of the Products on your Purchase/Shop page. 

     6.  Finally, in VineSpring, go to Settings > Storefront > Basics.
          Enter the URL for the newly created Purchase/Shop page in the 'Shop Link

Want to see an example of how this looks?

Go here:


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