What is an auth token?

Auth tokens are unique alpha-numeric strings that exist with each customer account in VineSpring. 

What can I do with it?

When embedded in links (such as a MailChimp campaign), the recipient can simply click the link and be automatically logged in to their account. This makes completing a purchase easier and the customer experience more enjoyable.

How do I create one?

Go to the Settings tab.
Click on the Email Templates link.
Click on the Display Auto Login Link in upper right.

Where do you want your customers to land?

  1. Storefront: Account (lands on the Account page), Allocation (lands on Allocation page), Club (lands on Clubs page), Purchase (lands on Purchase/Store page).

  2. External: The other option is to land customers on an external (non VineSpring) page - for instance a page detailing an upcoming winemaker dinner which includes a button to purchase tickets that are in your store.

Inserting the Auth Token into your MailChimp Campaign

Copy the supplied URL from the tool above.

Open up your MailChimp campaign and locate your Click here to Purchase link. Highlight it, and click the link icon.

In the Web Address (URL) field, paste the link you generated in VS - and click the Insert button.

  1. While viewing your email in MailChimp, click Preview and Test, then Enter Preview Mode.

  2. In the popup window, slide Enable live merge tag info to on.

  1. Click any of the links containing auth tokens in your campaign to see if the login works.

Note:  You cannot simply ‘send an email test’ to see the link work.You must test it as described above.  Alternatively, you can send a live campaign to your internal test group.



Why doesn’t the auth token work in my MailChimp campaign?

While testing your MailChimp campaign, you may encounter the following error:

“We’re sorry. This link is no longer valid. For security reasons, authentication links expire after a specified period of days. If you feel this is an error, please contact us for more assistance.”

To resolve, enter Preview Mode within MailChimp campaign and click the Live Merge Info button. This will merge your list with the campaign, populating values like ‘Dear First Name’ and ‘AuthToken’ properly while previewing.

PLEASE NOTE: The Send a Test Email tool in MailChimp should be used for checking content and formatting only. There are no merge values included, so values like ‘Dear First Name’ will not populate, and clicking on the embedded AuthToken link will return an error.



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