Before you Begin

The automation is already hooked up via your existing MailChimp sync.

Create Abandoned Cart automated emails

Log into your MailChimp account
Click the Campaigns tab

This will take you to the email configuration screen. 

Choose Single Email (Note: if you have a higher paid MC account, you will have the option of creating multiple emails).

Name your Campaign and be sure that the 'VineSpring' store is selected (it's likely the default). 

In the Sends To section, choose your preferred timing of sending the abandoned cart email.

Configure the rest of the settings (From email address, etc) and then click on the Design link.

Go ahead and design this email like any other. You can add logo, colors, borders, change the default text, etc. 

NOTE: A word about the Product element. Leave this piece in the campaign, as it will populate with image, title and price directly from VineSpring depending on what is in the customer's cart.


From the the main MailChimp screen, click on Reports in the top menu.
Click on Automation.
Choose the Abandoned Carts campaign.
Click the View Report button on the right.

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