This feature gives your customer the opportunity to customize their club shipment prior to their card being charged.

Creating a Customizable Club

From the Clubs tab, click on Create Club.

  1. Define whether this is a Fixed or a Custom Club in the setup screen.

  2. Define a minimum quantity that the customer must choose when customizing.

  3. Define a minimum dollar threshold that the custom must meet when customizing. 

If you need assistance with the other fields on this screen, please refer to the Club Guidebook.

Creating the Release

  1. From the Clubs tab, click on your Custom Club's name.

  2. Click on Create Release in upper right.

  3. Click the Add Some Items button.

Choose the Default items. These are the items that will be in the shipment if the customer decides not to customize their shipment. 

Choose the Items available for Customization. These are items that will be presented to the customer as possible replacements/additions to the Default shipment. 

That's it! You can now log in as any of the members of this custom Club on the front-end to see what the customer sees. 

Note: When you click 'Notify' for each of the clubmembers, they will be sent an email with a link that auto-logs them into the customization area.

If you need further direction about creating and managing your Clubs/Releases, please refer to the Club Guidebook.

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