Option One: ShipCompliant 

If you are a ShipCompliant customer, you can connect VineSpring to ShipCompliant and then ShipCompliant to UPS and other popular carriers.

Option Two: Webhooks to connect to ShipStation (or similar application)

If you are not a ShipCompliant customer, you can use VineSpring's Webhooks to send order data to a program like ShipStation. (Webhooks are a way of sending and retrieving data between two or more systems. You or your developer can learn more about VineSpring's Webhooks here). When you go this route, it provides a lot of control over your shipments (for instance, you can customize/automate customer emails and ship status from an app like ShipStation).

In Addition....: Webhooks to connect to Zapier for retrieving data

If you would like data to flow back to VineSpring (like tracking numbers), you'll need an additional program called Zapier to receive information from VineSpring and push data to ShipStation (again, via VineSpring's Webhooks). When tracking numbers are created, data flows back to VineSpring via Zapier and the order is updated.

Subscribing to both ShipStation and Zapier provides the most automation and bi-directional data flow (getting the tracking numbers and order status back into VineSpring).

Once orders are auto-sent to ShipStation, you can then generate the label in ShipStation.

You must have accounts for any of the above options:
Zapier (Free for intro accounts)

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