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What is VineSpring Payments?
Frequently Asked Questions about VSP.
Ready to Switch? Here is what you need to do.

Listing of all the steps including timing and cost.

What is VineSpring Payments?

VineSpring Payments is a simplified payment processing platform that is included with your VineSpring account. Based on Stripe, VineSpring Payments includes all services related to processing credit card payments including account updater, card storage, security, and PCI compliance. There are no monthly fees - you only pay per transaction.

Transaction Rates

Online transactions using VineSpring Payments:
2.9% + 30¢ per transaction for in person transactions (POS / Card Present)
3.5% + 30¢ per transaction for online transactions (Card Not Present)

  • If you refund a transaction, all transaction fees are returned to you. Only completed, settled transactions are charged a transaction fee.

Note: Upon migrating to V3, your rate may vary based on your V3 Plan. If you have questions about this, please reach out to Support.

Advantages of VineSpring Payments:

  • Top-notch fraud detection

  • Free refunds

  • Card auto-updater

  • Backed by Stripe's world-class support

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be live on VSP?
Customer support will send you a link with a form you will need to fill out to transfer to VSP.  Once you fill out that form and click the button to submit you will be live on VSP.  Any new orders that are paid by credit card will be stored in VSP.

I want to run my club in two weeks, can you promise that my stored cards will be available for me to do that?
No, there are several moving parts to the migration process and each step takes time. The full process from when you request your cards to when they are available to you again can take as long as 8 weeks. So you do not want to begin your migration right before your club run.

I signed up for VSP, when can I start taking orders again?
Immediately. Once you are signed up for Stripe you will be able to place orders with new credit cards immediately. New club members will also be able to enter and store credit cards.

I no longer see my saved credit cards for my customers once filling out the form for VSP.  Where did they go?
Once you submit the form to move to VSP any saved credit cards for customers and club members will no longer be visible.  If you opted to have your credit cards moved from Authorize then they will need to be linked back up once they are imported to VSP.  You will be notified by us once that linking is complete.  At that time you should see all saved cards again.

I requested my credit cards from Authorize, when should I sign up for VSP?
When you receive an email from Authorize letting you know that they have sent your cards to Stripe (the payment provider behind VSP), then you should contact support to get the link to signup for VSP.

Authorize sent my cards to Stripe, when can I expect to see my credit card data show back up in VineSpring?
Once Stripe receives the data it takes approximately one week (although during busy times this can extend up to 30 days) to get your data from Authorize loaded into VSP and then linked back up in VineSpring. You will receive an email once that process is complete.

I run a Club. Will I see an increase in declines when I switch from Authorize to VSP?
In the short term, it’s not uncommon to see a small increase (5-10%) in your decline rate immediately after a migration to a new payment processor. This is true for any new processor you move to. When the issuing bank sees a regularly-occurring charge on the same card coming through the same payment processor, they don’t care to validate all of the card’s information on each charge attempt. However, when there is a charge attempt on the card coming from a new payment processor, the issuing bank will revalidate all of the supplied card’s information.

One important thing to note: normal declines will still occur. That is, the initial increase in declines would apply to your current decline rate additively, although not permanently. Cards can and will still be declined for all of the usual reasons.

In the long term, you’re likely to see your decline rate decrease over time due to Stripe’s industry-leading card management and fraud detection technologies.

How are Disputes handled?
A dispute occurs when one of your customers questions your charge with their bank or credit card company. Banks usually ask customers for a reason for the dispute, such as "product not received" or "transaction not recognized".

Following the customer’s complaint, most banks tend to immediately side with the customer without additional investigation. Funds are returned to the customer and a formal dispute is filed. VineSpring will notify you with the dispute details and we will work with you to fight any disputes that you feel are unjustified. A $15 non-refundable fee is charged any time a dispute is initiated.

Does my process for charging cards change at all within VineSpring?
No. You will charge cards just as you do now. The only difference is that in, charges from online orders are 'authorized' which requires you to 'capture' the funds. VSP does not have this extra step. Once an online order is placed, the card is charged in real-time.

When are the credit card fees deducted?
Fees are deducted at the time of the transaction. The deposit to your bank is less the credit card fees.

How do I reconcile VSP payments with my bank?
Funds collected via your website or VineSpring admin portal are deposited in batches nightly. To reconcile these deposits to orders and fees, navigate to the Reports tab -> Reconciliation -> Deposit Summary.

Here's a link to the Deposit Summary report:

I'm ready to begin the migration process. Next Steps. stores credit cards in the "Customer Information Manager" (CIM) and the only way to transfer this information is by requesting a Data Extraction from your portal. There is no cost for this service, but it can take 2 - 4 weeks to complete.

To request a data extraction, login to your portal and follow these steps:

  • Click "Contact Us" in the upper right navigation bar.

  • Click "Support cases".

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click, "New Support Case" (located under "Manage Support Cases")

  • Click "Next"

You have an opportunity to describe your support request. We recommend entering the following:

Subject: CIM Data Extraction

Description: I would like to initiate a CIM data extraction. Please forward me any information I need to start this request.

After submitting your request, will reply within 24 hours and ask you to complete the request form.

  • Request for Data Extraction

Here are the recommended answers to questions on this form:

They will also ask you for a PGP key. Please send them this link to Stripe's PGP key:

Authorize will sent your cards directly to Stripe.  When you receive an email from Authorize with the name of the file they have sent to Stripe, please contact VineSpring support and let them know.

MPORTANT NOTE: Do not cancel your account until you have downloaded all reports and data that you'll need from that system. Think about what you'll need for taxes, end-of-year reporting, etc. We suggest downloading all relevant date ranges from the Credit Card Batch Summary and saving them for future reference.

Full rundown of steps


The full process can take up to 8 weeks from the time you request your cards from to when your cards are available in VineSpring once again.

COST: There will be no cost for credit card migrations if they are initiated before the end of 2021.


  1. Request the cards from

  2. will notify the you when the export is complete and they have sent the data to Stripe. It can take Authorize a couple of weeks to a month to export the cards.

  3. Email support letting them know that you have received word from that the cards have been exported.

  4. VineSpring will backup your tokens and will start a support ticket with Stripe to import the cards into your VineSpring account.

  5. VineSpring will send you a link to signup for Stripe. Once you submit that form you will be live on Stripe and will not see your stored cards until step 8 is complete.

  6. When the import is complete Stripe will notify VineSpring. It can take Stripe up to 3 weeks to import your cards info your new Stripe account.

  7. VineSpring will use the backed up tokens and the new data they get from Stripe to hook your newly transferred cards in Stripe to your VineSpring account. It can us a week to map your cards back up to your account.

  8. Once that is complete VineSpring will notify you that your stored cards are available to you once again. This includes any cards stored with club memberships and customers. Again, please leave 8 weeks of time for this process to finish. It is possible that it will be done faster than the 8 weeks but you do not want to be left in a situation where you are needing to run your club and waiting on the cards to be imported.

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