Overview of How the Table works

On the front-end of your Storefront, there are two places where a Shipping rate is presented to your customer.

The first is an estimated amount. This is presented as soon as the customer chooses a ship-to State. It's intended to give a quick calculation so that Customers have an idea of what shipping will ultimately be once they input their full address in the next screen.

On the next screen, once the Customer has input their full address, that's when the final shipping calculation is presented.

Often the estimated and final calculation are identical. But they could be different depending on whether shipping rates are based on zipcode range as opposed to a blanket rate for an entire state.

Therefore, it's important to note: If you have any rates based on zipcode, you must *also* have a state abbreviation present in a zone. Why? Because the "estimate" will always pull from the zone with the state abbreviation, while the final calculation will pull from the applicable zipcode range.

Let's Get Started

Click on the Settings (gear) icon and then on the Shipping tab.Click on Zone Tables.Click into Default Zone. If this does not exist, click on the Add Zone link in the upper right and name it, 'Default Zone Table'.

Edit existing Zones - or Add a New Zone. 

Edit an Existing Zone

If you simply need to add or delete a state or zipcode range, click into the applicable Zone and begin typing and Save when done. Each state or zipcode range must be separated by a comma. 

Create a New Zone

Click the green 'Add Zone' link at the bottom of the page. Name it, and add applicable state abbreviations or zipcode ranges. Each state or zipcode range must be separated by a comma. 

Click on the green checkmark in upper right to Save.


Zones need to have rates associated with them to allow your customers to be able to select the associated shipping method. You will need to download the shipping tables to an Excel spreadsheet to put in the necessary modifications.

While the zone table itself will not be shown in the download, the various zones within the table will need to be populated. If (for example) you have added a shipping method of “Overnight,” you will need to have a rate entered for that method in each of the zones where you have entered state codes or zip codes. If a rate is not entered for a particular combination of shipping method and shipping zone, VineSpring will not allow shipping there by that method.

It is best if you contact VineSpring Support (support@vinespring.com) to get assistance with these steps. Once VineSpring has the initial setup work done, you can then use the VineSpring interface to make any necessary changes.

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