How the sync works

Once it is hooked up, the VineSpring/MailChimp sync happens automatically in the background. Changes to your master customer list made in VS will immediately be also changed within your MC account. 

What about Groups?

Groups are not synced over automatically. To update the specific Group(s) that you will be sending your campaign to, visit each Group in VS and click the 'Send to MailChimp' button in the upper right.

Groups will be immediately visible in MailChimp as "Tags", which are essentially tagged segments.

What exactly Syncs?

Edits to Customer Name or Email in VS will auto-update that corresponding record within MailChimp.

'Alternate Email' listed in VS will also be added or deleted in MailChimp.

Note: Alternate Emails do *not* automatically get the Tag (designating the VS Group) appended like the Primary Email does. If you want an Alt Email to be in a Tagged segment in MC, you'll need to add that Tag manually to the record within MC.

Deleting a Customer in VS also deletes that record in MailChimp.

Setting Up the Sync for the Very First Time

Before you begin, be sure that all of your customers have been imported into VineSpring. 

  1. Navigate to the Customers tab in VineSpring.

  2. Download your list to the MailChimp format.

  3. Log into your MailChimp account and navigate to the Audience page. 

  4. Create an Audience called, 'VineSpring Sync List'

  5. Click on the Settings tab and choose the List Fields and MERGE tags option.

  6. Add a Text field called, 'AuthToken' and  
      make the merge field 'AUTH'.

  7. Follow the prompts to Import your list using
  8. In VineSpring, click on the Setting tab >
      Third Party Integrations > Setup.
  9. Enter your MailChimp API Key and choose
      the list that you just created in MailChimp.

That's it! Your sync should begin flowing immediately.

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