What is Transaction Pro Importer (TPI)?

A program you can purchase, download, and install on the computer running Quickbooks, enabling you to import VineSpring generated orders to Quickbooks.

Where can I purchase Transaction Pro Importer (TPI)?

From Baystate Consulting, the maker of TPI. Go to http://www.transactionpro.com/ and click the Products link to purchase the correct version for your Quickbooks installation (Windows computer or Quickbooks Online).

NOTE: There are numerous options for tailoring the TPI import process to suit your needs. For example, you might want orders imported as invoices instead of sales receipts, sales tax mapped to specific tax accounts, or order types mapped to specific classes. We recommend hiring a TPI consultant to help ensure you establish an import process that works for you. Someone that has worked with VineSpring before is:

Leslie Capachietti
Automated Financial Solutions

Pete Bornstein
BizPro Consulting Services

How do I download orders?

  1. Navigate to the Orders tab
  2. Click Filter and Show more filters
  3. Set the filter to return the orders you require
    NOTE: The top drop down is a choice to Filter by Creation Date or Filter by Payment Date. Creation Date returns orders created between the start and end date. Payment Date returns orders fully paid between the start and end date.
  4. Click Refresh
  5. Click on the Download icon and choose the applicable TPI for Quickbooks exports.

I see the options to download my orders. What are the various Quickbooks (TPI) formats?

Quickbooks (TPI) - Sales Receipts: Sales receipts are assumed paid on the date the order was generated. If you import as Sales Receipts, you do not need to import payments.

Quickbooks (TPI) - Invoices: Invoices can have one or more payments applied. If you import Invoices, you must do a secondary import of Payments.

Quickbooks (TPI) - Payments:
Payments can be applied to Invoices. Because VineSpring supports split tenders (multiple payments per order), importing orders as Invoices and applying Payments will preserve multiple payments per order.

Quickbooks Online (TPI) - Invoices:
The online version of Quickbooks requires a specific import. Orders are imported as sales receipts.

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