It never hurts to double-check your process to be sure you've covered everything. Here's a handy checklist for your reference.

Before you start

Clean up your memberships

  1. Go to the Clubs tab and click on the Memberships icon in the upper right. 

  2. Scan the left-hand navigation. Specifically, the 'Incomplete Address' and 'No Card on File' links. It's a best practice to clean these up as much as possible prior to creating your shipment.

  3. On the same Memberships screen, click the download icon in the upper right. This will download all of your members into an Excel document. Pay close attention to Shipping Method and Shipping State. Sometimes a customer may inadvertently choose (for instance), GSO to ship to NY. It's good to clean these up prior to creating your shipment.

Create a Club Shipping Configuration

Go to the Site tab and click on 'Club Shipping Configurations'. Confirm that you have a Configuration created for this particular shipment. For instance, if it's summer, you may want to create a 'Warm Shipping Profile'. Find out more about Club Shipping Configurations.

Creating your Shipment

Create Shipments for each of your Clubs

  1. Go to the Clubs tab and click on one of the Clubs that will be shipping.  Click on the '+' in the upper right corner to create a shipment.  Name the Shipment (for instance, 'Fall 2016'), and fill out all applicable fields and Save.

  2. Follow the prompts to add products to the Shipment and Save.

Create the Orders for your Shipment

Now that you've set up your Shipment, you will see all of the members at the bottom of the screen.  

  1. It's a best practice to create a couple of the orders manually prior to batch-creating the orders. Create one order where the wines are shipping, and one order where the order is being picked up (if applicable). This is a great way to identify and fix any issues (for instance, an incorrect price) prior to creating all orders. 

  2. After you've successfully created your manual orders, you may create the remaining orders in a batch by clicking on the down-arrow in the upper right corner. Choose 'Create Orders for all Members'.  This action creates the orders, but does NOT charge the cards.

Charge the Cards

  1. Once the orders are all created, go to the Orders tab and use the Filters to choose your Club orders to be charged.

  2. Go to the down-arrow in the upper right and choose 'Batch Process these Orders'.  Then choose 'Charge these Orders'.  Depending on how many orders are in queue, this may take up to a minute or so to complete.

Emailing Receipts, Declined Cards and Reporting

Declined cards:
See what was successfully processed by clicking on the Clubs tab and then clicking into the Shipment.  You'll see several filters above the list of Club members' names.  These filters include 'Declined Cards'.

Emailing receipts for paid club orders in a batch:
Navigate to the applicable Club shipment and click on the down-arrow in the upper right.  Choose 'Batch Send PDF Receipt Email'.  This action will send email receipts to all of the PAID orders. To view/edit the template that customers will receive, got to Site > Templates > Email Templates.  To learn about editing templates, click here.  Note:  This email is only sent once for each order.

Comprehensive Clubs Report:
From the Reports tab, click on the Clubs link.Download the Club Member Orders report to see at-a-glance which orders have processed, along with associated dollar amounts. 

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