Correctly sizing, formatting, and associating images with your products is an important task, which can affect the browsing experience for your customers if not done properly. Below are some best practices to keep in mind.

How many images do I need?

Two for each displayed product. Each product should have a small image for the “list” page (the one that displays all your products in a grid or list), and second image for your “detail” page (the one that showcases only that product).

What image sizes should I use?

For the “list” image, we recommend no more than 150px in height or width. For the “detail” image, we recommend no more than 500px in height or width. Any larger than that, and the page will slow down for those on slow connections, or smaller screen sizes (like mobile devices).

What format should I use (jpeg, gif, png)?

We recommend using JPEG, as it offers the best combination of quality and compression when it comes to things like bottle shots.

My images are too big, how I can resize them?

You have 3 primary options.

  1. Contact support and tell them you’d like our design services team to resize your product images. They will resize and format images at a rate of $200 / hour. If you don’t have the time, desire, or resources to resize image, this is a great option.

  2. If you have a designer, send them a link to this FAQ and tell them you need correctly sized product images.

  3. Resize the photos yourself with a photo editing program or a free online editor such as BeFunky or Pixlr (see our brief tutorial on using Pixlr here). When you’ve resized the images for each product, re-upload them to your VineSpring product image library (Products> Images), then re-associate those images with each product.

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