VineSpring customers using ShipCompliant can send shipments directly to their fulfillment house without downloading to a spreadsheet. You must first set the fulfillment house in VineSpring and make sure it matches what is already set in ShipCompliant.

  1. View the list of fulfillment houses currently enabled in your ShipCompliant account.
    Note: For a fulfillment house to appear in this list, it needs to be properly configured and enabled in ShipCompliant.

  2. Click on Site.

  3. Click Fulfillment Houses.

  4. Click the + icon (or New fulfillment house in mobile).

  5. Enter the name exactly as it appears from the link above, without quotes or spaces. For example, if the house was listed as “InHouseUPS” in the list from Step 1, it would be entered as such in the Name box.

  6. Choose your options, and Save Changes.

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