By default, newly generated order numbers are sequentially numeric values, starting with 1001. This means the next order number would be 1002, and so on. You can use the default, or customize the format to match your internal process.

Customizing the next order number

  1. Navigate to Site > Ordering > General Settings

  2. Click the down arrow (upper right corner) and click Set next order number

  3. Enter the order number you would like set for the next order generated and click OK

Using a custom format

If you have the need to append a prefix or suffix to your order numbers (for example ABC-1001, or 1001-ABC), you can modify your Order Number Format:

  1. Navigate to Site

  2. Click General Settings under the Ordering header.

  3. In the Number Format box, customize the format using the examples below

  4. Click Save Changes

By default, the number string is {0}. This represents the numeric portion of your order number. You can append or prepend any text to this value.

Sample formats

Given a sequential order number of 1234, here are some sample formats.

{0} will yield 1234
ABC-{0} will yield ABC-1234
{0}-ABCI will yield 1234-ABC
Invoice-{0}-M will yield Invoice-1234-M

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