Club Shipping Configurations give you control over how club shipments are delivered to your members. A profile is easy to create:

  1. Navigate to Site > Shipping > Club Shipping Configurations.

  2. Click the '+' icon to create a configuration.

  3. Name your Shipping Configuration (i.e.: Default Configuration)

  4. Set the Default Method. This will be applied to all club shipments where the club member has "Use default club shipment method" selected as their preferred method for receiving their shipment.

  5. Click + Add Region to define any exceptions to the Default Method. For example, if you are shipping during a heat wave in Texas, you can define a priority ship method for TX.

  6. Click Save Changes.

Your Club Shipping Configuration is now available when you are creating your club shipment.

Example - A heat wave is hitting parts of the US and you have a wine club shipment that needs to go out now. Create a "Warm Weather" club shipping configuration specifying cold-chain or priority ship methods to those states.

When cooler weather arrives, create a "Cool Weather" club shipping configuration, setting the Default Method to an appropriate ground-based option.

What if I want my customers to choose their shipping preference?

No problem! Set the club members ship preference directly on their club profile. The individual shipping preference will override the club configuration default.

Also, you can now choose which ship methods appear on your front end website club signup form. Go to the Site tab - Methods - and select on a method. Check the box, "Displayed (for club members)".

We're here to help! Please don't hesitate to contact VineSpring Support for guidance.

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