We offer two levels of customer support: BASIC and PREMIUM.

What is basic support?

We provide guidance by phone or email on system features, usage, and best practices. We consider this “basic” support, and it’s always included FREE with your monthly plan.

What is premium support?

If your support issue goes beyond questions and guidance, we offer premium support as an additional service. We created this option for clients who require customized assistance or don’t have the time, desire, or resources to complete a particular task.

How do I know if I require premium support?

Nearly all support is considered basic, unless it requires more hands-on involvement from our technical or support teams. When you explain your issue to support, they will do their best to help resolve the issue, and inform you if premium support services are necessary.

Here are some common examples of premium support:

  • Modifying your website.

  • Uploading and configuring your shipping rates for you.

  • Restoring data because it was inadvertently modified or deleted (by you).

  • Manipulating and importing data.

  • Creating an export format tailored to the needs of your fulfillment house.

  • Running custom actions against your data in bulk.

  • Training a new employee on how to use VineSpring.

What does premium support cost?

We charge $200/hour, billed in 1/4 hour increments. We provide a solid estimate prior to completing work, and request permission before undertaking additional billable hours.

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