1. From the Products tab, click on Promotions.

  2. Click the '+' in the upper right to create a new Promo.

  3. Fill out the name and beginning/end dates. (Leave the end date blank if you'd like it to run indefinitely).

  4. Admin Only box: Check if you'd only like Admins to be able to apply the discount to orders. Leave it unchecked if you'd like the promo to apply automatically to both online and admin orders.

  5.  Define the Discount Type

Percent: Percentage will be discounted from entire order.
Amount: Dollar amount will be discounted from entire order.
Fixed Price: Fixed price of each item will override the retail price.

  6. Eligibility

Code: You have the option of requiring customers to enter a promo code online.  (Example: Enter code 'pinot' to receive 10% off of your order).

Who is Eligible?: Define who should get this promotion. Is it just Clubmembers? Or a particular Customer Group?

Is there a minimum dollar amount or bottle count that must be met?
Can this promo be combined with others?

   7.  Scope
Does it apply to all products? Or only certain products?
If it's a Shipping promo, does it apply to all ship methods or only certain ship methods?

Save your promo and test it for accuracy.

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