While VineSpring does not have a specific functionality addressing multiple-item packs, we do have a way to create them that works well.

  1. Create your SKU.  Example: 3PKHOLIDAY2017

  2. Enter the Inventory. When you add inventory, know that this product is totally separate from the single bottle inventory you may already have in the system. If you have 100 bottles total of a syrah, and you are selling both single bottles *and* a gift pack containing the syrah, then you have to split the inventory numbers between those two SKUs. In other words, the gift-pack will not decrement from the single bottle inventory.

    3. Enter Shipping Rates.

  • Go to Site > Plans:  Create a new Plan called '3-Bottle', or 'GiftPack', etc.

  • Go to Site > Rates:  Click the download icon - this will download all of your existing rates.  Leave all of the existing rates untouched. At the bottom of the spreadsheet, add your 3-Bottle rates for each of the ship methods you are offering for this package.

  • Using our 3-pack example, here is what you will enter: qty 1-1 is equal to your current rate for 3 bottles, qty 2-2 is equal to your current rate for 6 bottles...and so on. 


 4.  Will my fulfillment house know what to do with this gift-pack SKU?
How you handle this is determined by whether you are a ShipCompliant  customer or not.

  • I am NOT a ShipCompliant customer.  If you are NOT a ShipCompliant customer, contact your fulfillment house and let them know to set up this SKU in their system and what the SKU is comprised of.

  • I AM a ShipCompliant customer. Set the SKU up as a ‘Kit’ in ShipCompliant. This makes it so that when SC sees the SKU for the gift-pack come over, it knows to split it out into the individual bottles for compliance and sends it on to your fulfillment house correctly as well. Click here to learn about setting up Kits in ShipCompliant.

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